Counties in Ireland

County Galway

County Galway is known for the rugged and stark scenery. Much of the county is mountainous, and filled with adventurous sheep dotting the hills! The city of Galway, which is the third biggest city in Ireland, is known for its traditional music scene. Wandering through the narrow, brick lined streets, one finds a musician playing in the street in front of every pub, jeweler, and chemist! Biddy Murphy supplier The Hatman of Ireland crafts his quality caps in this wild western region!

County Donegal 

A well-known attraction on the Wild Atlantic Way, County Donegal has sloping stoney hills that descend into the stormy waters of the Atlantic. Biddy Murphy carries products from Studio Donegal, sock makers who create warm wool products to weather this rural region!

County Dublin

County Dublin houses the capital city of Ireland, Dublin City. Dublin City is known for its delightful main street, Grafton Street, which is lined with well-known pubs such as Temple Bar. A uniquely historical city, Dublin is full of historical artifacts such as the Book of Kells, which located in the four hundred-year-old Trinity College Library. Biddy Murphy has connections with several great jewelers from this bustling region: Amethyst Dublin, Boru, JMH Jewelry, and Solvar Ltd.

County Kerry

County Kerry is popular with visitors and locals alike. County Kerry is the location of Killarney National Park, a stunning park that is home to lush forests and valleys. Biddy Murphy suppliers Kerry Woollen Mills and Mucros Weavers are both inspired by the natural beauty of this region!

County Mayo

A mountainous and rocky region, Co. Mayo is the home of Croagh Patrick, a pilgrimage mountain known as the “Holy Mountain” of St. Patrick. Covered with white stones all the way up, thousands of people per year make the difficult trek up the mountain to the chapel on top. Biddy Murphy supplier Connemara Marble by Gerard uses the rare green stone from the rugged County Mayo to make their great products!

County Cork

County Cork is one of the greenest countries on the Emerald Isle. County Cork is best known for the Blarney Stone and Blarney Castle. Blarney Castle is a medieval fort that is still largely intact, and the Blarney Stone is a stone at the top of the castle. Legend says if you kiss the Blarney Stone, which visitors hang upside down to do, you will gain the “gift of gab.” Biddy Murphy’s leather product supplier, Lee River Leather, is established in this thriving region.

County Westmeath

County Westmeath is a peaceful, idyllic countryside that the River Shannon runs through. Westmeath is home to inland lakes and green pastures. The capital city of the county is Mullingar, where Mullingar Pewter makes its home! Supplier Mullingar Pewter employs many locals from the region to create stunning pewter and steel crafted pieces.

County Roscommon

Located in the midlands region of Ireland, County Roscommon is full of gentle hills, lovely lakes, and thick green forests. County Roscommon is home to Strokestown Park, an authentic nineteenth century manor that houses the National Famine Museum. This ancient county is home to both Naomh Padraig and Ogham Wishes, who are inspired by the historical surroundings!

County Tipperary

Another midland county, Co. Tipperary is covered in great green forests and wide open fields. One of the most famous landmarks in the region is Cashel Rock, a fifth century castle that belonged to High Kings of Ireland and was significant to St. Patrick. Biddy Murphy wool product producer John Hanly & Co. and Gifted Hand Turf Incense both make their home in this scenic midland county.

County Waterford

Located on the southeastern coast, County Waterford is warm and welcoming! Part of the “viking triangle” of counties, County Wexford is home to relics of early conquest. Old forts looks out over the Atlantic Ocean, and the same soft shores the Vikings walked on now make for a great day at the beach. Emerald Crystal, which supplies their fine crystal products to Biddy Murphy, creates glass as clear and shining as the Atlantic Ocean in this wonderful region.

County Wicklow

County Wicklow has the largest area span of mountains in Ireland! The Wicklow Mountains are wide and sloping, attracting visitors and locals to visit the abundance of hiking trails that weave through the region. Jewelry maker Fado and perfume maker Fragrances of Ireland are both located in mountainous Co. Wicklow!

County Meath

County Meath is a landlocked, flat farming county north of County Dublin. County Meath is home to Newgrange, a prehistoric Stone Age temple. Giant and incredibly well-constructed, Newgrange has lasted for thousands of years! The Newgrange stone at the front of the temple is carved with spirals, early versions of the Triskele symbol seen on some Celtic Jewelry. The Handmade Soap Co. is located in this historical region.

County Cavan

County Cavan has a hilly and idyllic landscape, scattered with lively Irish towns! Co. Cavan is home to some of the oldest geography in ancient Ireland! The park is located on a limestone plateau that dates back 340 million years, when Ireland was underwater!  

County Armagh

County Armagh has deep connections with St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Hundreds of years ago, in the place that is now the city of Armagh, St. Patrick decided to set up his original church. There are now two churches named after Ireland’s patron saint in Armagh, one Catholic and the other Church of England, facing each other on top of their respective hills. Rural Armagh has apple orchards that been cultivated since the twelfth century, and is even called the “Orchard  County” for its widespread harvest!

County Down

County Down holds a special sort of magic. Writer C.S. Lewis, of Narnia fame, grew up near County Down’s mystical Mourne Mountains, and said that the landscape inspired his fantastical world. From the Mourne mountains to the lush green forests and groomed golf course, County Down has a varied and stunning landscape that inspire Field Day, one of our suppliers of beautiful candles and soaps!