Irish Product Brands


Solvar was founded in 1941 and is located in Dublin City, Ireland! This well known jewelry company is inspired by Irish heritage and brings that background to the global scale in a modern way. Their products include earrings, necklaces, and rings, all inspired by Irish symbolism. Available in a variety of precious metals, many of their pieces are stamped at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle for authenticity. Biddy Murphy works closely with Solvar to supply the finest jewelry pieces for our customers. Take a look at our Solvar collection.


Boru Jewelers is located just outside of Dublin City, Ireland. They are an award-winning creator of Celtic Jewelry. Named after the last king who united the warring clans of Ireland, Boru seeks to bring the heritage of Ireland to their jewelry. Boru uses a mixture of modern and traditional methods and inspirations to create exquisite jewelry that is all of the above. Each piece of jewelry is hand-created by a professional craftsperson, and is intentionally and intricately designed. Each piece of Boru jewelry is hallmark stamped at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle for authenticity. Boru produces jewelry in an assortment of fine metals and stones.

Kerry Woollen Mills

Kerry Woollen Mills is one of the last surviving traditional woolen mills in the County Kerry, Ireland countryside. Located on the spectacular Ring of Kerry, the mill is under fourth generation family ownership and set in a string of three hundred year old buildings! Adapting with the changing times, Kerry Woollen Mills uses traditional techniques to provide classic and exquisite yarns and wools that provide warmth, durability and great style! Take a look at our Kerry Woollen Mills collection of blankets, hats and more!

Mucros Weavers

Mucros Weavers is located in the Muckross House in Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry. Killarney National Park is one of the most famous tourist locations in Ireland with stunning natural views, and the Muckross house is one of the focal points. Mucros Weavers are inspired by the beautiful, green surroundings of this southern part of Ireland. Mucros Weavers create their soft, luxurious products on looms that are over two-hundred years old! The age of the looms add to the softness of the scarves! Each product is created individually, giving each product the attention that it deserves! Mucros cares deeply about the quality of their products and is deeply tied to the traditional methods of weaving. Mucros ships their fine woolen products worldwide. Take a look at their collection here.

Connemara Marble

Biddy Murphy offers a wide variety of Connemara products. Many of these items are from Lisibach Marble of Castlebar, County, Mayo. Gerard Lisibach is a local artisan who is renowned around the world for his hand-carved and finely polished marble works. Signifying strength and beauty, Connemara Marble is a material unique to Ireland and is found on the rugged Western Coast. Lisibach Marble uses Connemara Marble to make beautiful key chains, kitchenware, rosaries, and jewelry.

Naomh Padraig

Naomh Padraig means “Saint Patrick” in Gaelic, and the artisans at Naomh Padraig are influenced by the patron saints of Ireland. Biddy Murphy carries their finely crafted St. Brigid’s Crosses, which are made of rushes, just as they are in Ireland! The crosses are said to bless the family and all who enter the home when hung on the wall. Naomh Padraig works with natural materials to create these crosses and traditionally weaves baskets.

John Hanly & Co.

John Hanly & Co was founded in 1893 and is located in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. The management has always been under the Hanly family, who has seen many changes in their company over the years. Starting as a small, local company who made mainly traditional fabrics, John Hanly & Co. has expanded to an operation that ships its fine products all around the world!  Still connected to their traditions and roots, John Hanly makes high quality wool products for the modern era. Their workshop uses entirely renewable energy from water turbines, and uses a mixture of modern machinery and local labor to create their fine products. Biddy Murphy works closely with John Hanly & Co. to carry the finest scarves, sweaters, blankets and caps.

Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter is located in Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, Ireland. Founded in 1974 by Paddy Collins, the company is now run by his son, Peter. Mullingar Pewter sought to renew Ireland’s eight hundred year old history of creating and crafting with pewter. Mullingar Pewter has sixteen employees from the local area who are all trained in the traditional methods of casting and assembly. The practice of working with pewter takes years to perfect, and Mullingar Pewter brings the best skills to the trade. The pewter made by Mullingar Pewter is made up of 95% tin and 5% copper and antimony; therefore, pewter is safe to hold food and drink. The durable material is now used to create a variety of products that are intricately designed and never wear out. Check out their finely crafted collection!

Ogham Wishes

Ogham Wishes houses a traditional workshop located in County Roscommon, Ireland. Ethel Kelly, the owner of Ogham Wishes, hand paints symbols from the ancient Irish language of Ogham, found on stone slabs across the countryside as a mark of history. Kelly often translates this writing into Gaelic, the Irish language that was commonly spoken up until the twentieth century. Her art is resonant of the wider cultural history of Ireland. The paintings are featured on handcrafted paper and placed in elegant black frames, bringing these ancient languages into the modern era in a stylish way. Each black frame comes with a sticker that explains the meaning of each art piece. While these pieces have a Celtic background, the simplicity and meaning of the art from Ogham Wishes is universally appealing.


Fado creates premier jewelry that ships worldwide! Located in Co. Wicklow, each piece of jewelry is hallmarked in the Assay Office in Dublin Castle to ensure the customer a quality product. The word Fado translates to “long ago” just as any story starts and each piece is the beginning of a story. The handcrafted and designed jewelry at Fado is inspired by Irish culture and heritage. They seek to create jewelry that carries the stories of Ireland around within it, from their precious metal rings to their beautiful pendants. The owner of Fado, John Condron, makes sure every piece is absolutely “perfect” before it leaves the workshop!

Hatman of Ireland

The Hatman of Ireland was established in 2003 by Gerry Moran, who was passionate about creating excellent Irish headwear from Donegal tweed, wool, and waxed linen. The headwear is created in Co. Galway, on the rugged Western Coast. The Hatman makes quality hats that range from baseball hats to newsboy hats to the titled trilby hats. A small, family company, the Hatman of Ireland guarantees quality headwear. Each hat is handmade, and has a unique pattern or weave.

Lee River Leather Goods

Lee River Leather Goods was founded in 1985 and is located in Cork City, alongside the Lee River. They pride themselves on crafting original, durable and usable leather goods. Lee River uses certified Italian vegetable tanned cowhide. Vegetable tanning is a process done by hand and uses natural ingredients to create warm rich tones. The product adds character as it wears and looks just as great as it did the first day you bought it! Their fine leather products are often inspired by Celtic designs, which are embossed on their belts, bags, and wallets.