County Offaly

Popular Surnames: Egan, Dempsey, Fox, Maher, Molloy, O’Flattery, Fitzgerald

Offaly is home to some of the greatest historical sites in Ireland. One of Offalys most notable sites is Clonmacnoise, an ancient monastery that dates back to 544. The area is full of history and includes the ruins of a cathedral, seven churches, two round towers, three high crosses and a large collection of Early Christian grave slabs. It is truly amazing to walk around and see these ancient buildings! Visitors to Offaly also enjoying seeing Birr Castle. The castle was built by Anglo Normans on a motte. Nowadays, visitors can tour the castle as well as taking in the stunning gardens that surround it. The medieval outside is complimented by the beautifully decorated interior. It is definitely worth a visit. Of course, you should also take in the Irish culture and music by visiting Tullamore, the county capital. The town is full of great pubs and food; you’d be spoiled for choice! And of course, you’d have to visit the Tullamore Dew distillery, one of Ireland’s most famous whiskeys! Have a drink, enjoy the history and relax! Shannonbridge Pottery is located in West Offaly. This artisan creates beautifully decorated pottery and Biddy Murphy offers a great collection of their work!




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