Irish Bracelets

Adventurous. Charming. Harrison-Ford-as-Indiana-Jones cool. Look your best with one of Biddy Murphy’s stylish leather Celtic bracelets, which features a variety of mysterious Celtic Knot designs. If you’re planning on excavating Newgrange Tomb or the Temple of Doom, you need to look good doing it! 

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful woman along on your life adventure, be sure to get one of Biddy Murphy's elegant Irish bracelets for her. Many of our fine bracelets are made from sterling silver and made in Ireland - the only thing that can outshine this bracelet is the woman herself! 

Irish Bracelets

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Biddy Murphy Irish Leather Bracelet Celtic Knot Charm Three Colors Unise...

$ 35.81
$ 39.79
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Connemara Marble Bracelet: A Touch of Ireland

$ 43.20
$ 48.00
You save $ 4.80

Connemara Marble Bracelet: Elegant Irish Beauty

$ 36.00
$ 40.00
You save $ 4.00

Heavy Sterling Silver Trinity Knot Men's Bracelet – Irish Craftsmanship

$ 234.00
$ 260.00
You save $ 26.00

Claddagh Bangle Sterling Silver Large Made by Our Maker-Partner in Co. D...

$ 97.00
$ 149.00
You save $ 52.00

Soul Mate Bracelet Mo Anam Cara Sterling Silver Hinge by Our Maker-Partn...

$ 327.00
$ 357.00
You save $ 30.00