County Galway


Popular Surnames: Fahy, Burke, O’Toole, Mannion, Conneely, McDonagh, King

Galway is one of the most charming counties in the country. Packed full of Irish culture and stunning scenery, many visitors end up spending their entire holiday here. Galway is home to one of the largest Gaeltachts in Ireland. A Gaeltacht (pronounced Gale-tuckt) is an area of Ireland where the locals first language is Irish. The schools and community are built around the language. Many students in Ireland spend their summers in the Gaeltacht to brush up on their Irish before returning to school in the fall. Visitors can look forward to Céili dances, traditional music, adventure activities and a whole lot of fun. Connemara is one of the most beautiful areas of Ireland surrounded by beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls and more. Perfect for a day of hiking and photography. You can also visit Kylemore Abbey in the heart of the hills. The county is also home to the city of Galway! Famous for its cute little streets and shops, the city is always buzzing with events and live music on the streets. Visitors can take in the Spanish Arch, Eyre Square, the hundreds of fantastic pubs and of course, a walk down to Salthill where you can enjoy taking a walk on the beach or maybe a dive from Blackrock diving tower! There’s so much to do and enjoy, you could spend forever in lovely county Galway. Biddy Murphy supplier The Hatman of Ireland crafts his quality caps in this wild western region. 


County Galway

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