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Long-term Commitment

We have been selling authentic Irish Made products both from our store in Michigan and online since 2004. (Now exclusively 100% online)

We have a long term view on this business and firmly believe that we will keep you as a customer not necessarily by being the cheapest, but by being your trusted source for Irish Made of the finest quality that will last a lifetime.

Customer Ratings

Everybody says they will give excellent customer service and communications. I shop online and I will go back to the company that treats me with respect and fairly. Biddy Murphy will do the same “Delight or make it Right

The Best Irish Craftsmen and Family Artisans

  • Our jewelers are all family owned businesses, some trading since 1941. The one common theme is they all have Hallmarked Jewelry that guarantees the quality of the material and has their maker mark on every piece

  • Our weavers are in facilities that date from the 1700s, using hardware that has not changed much since the 1800s. It may have some computer control to ensure consistency of thread, but the experience in choosing the sourcer of wool and processing it will lead to a product you can see and feel the difference.
  • Whether it is pewter or handwritten script or framed art, we only work with the proven true master in their respective fields.

And many, many more...

Sure you can find cheaper knock offs but YOU would know and your friends and family who receive these gifts will be able to touch and feel the luxury quality of a Biddy Murphy product

No fake or cheaper substitute materials here. I personally use these products daily, and I’m proud of their origin and the generations of skill required to make these premium products.

How Do I Know Jewelry is Made in Ireland?

Hallmarking is the oldest form of consumer protection. A Hallmark is your guarantee that the Irish jewelry you are purchasing has been tested at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle, located in Dublin, Ireland.

The purpose of these tests is to establish that this precious metal item is of the standard advertised. Only then is the hallmark applied to the article.

What you will see on the standard Irish Hallmark:

  • A Sponsor’s mark, indicating the manufacturer of the piece
  • A Standard mark certifying the precious metal content
  • The fineness stated as parts per thousand or as karat age
  • The location of the assay office responsible for certifying the article

In the USA 10kt is the minimum standard that may be described as gold. Sterling Silver, which is .925 parts Silver, is the silver standard in America.

Irish Jewelry Manufacturers Certification

The Federation of Jewelry Manufacturers of Ireland (FJMI) have a rigorous testing procedure which we sat and passed in Dublin in January of 2008. This Jewelry Accreditation Program is designed to help members improve and increase their fine jewelry business by teaching them the skills of a retail jewelry professional involved in the selection and sale of Irish made Celtic Jewelry.

To sell fine Celtic jewelry you need to be fluent in the 'language' of Irish made jewelry, be armed with product knowledge and know how to impart that knowledge to your potential to give them the confidence they are investing in the finest of Irish Celtic made Jewelry. This training program gives those who qualify the skills necessary to sell jewelry to their most astute customer with confidence and ease.