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How To Stop Your Candles From Tunnelling!

Are your candles tunnelling down when you light them? Here are some really simple ways to stop tunnelling, allowing you to get the most out of your candles!

Tip #1: Don’t trim the candle’s wick on the first burn. The first burn for a candle is very important so keeping the wick length can prove to be important. Too short and the candle flame will not melt the top layer of wax.

Large Moss Candle by Bog Standard                      Small Rose Candle by Bog Standard

Tip #2: Let the candle burn for several hours when first lit. This will allow the whole top layer of the candle to melt out to the very edges. This will form a ‘memory’ melt the next time you light the candle.

Tip #3: Try not to have frequent short burns. This will encourage the candle to tunnel. It is better to light the candle for longer and less often than for shorter lengths more frequently.

Small Orchard Candle by Bog Standard  Small Field Candle by Bog Stand

Tip #4: If your candle has already tunnelled - Make your candle a tin foil hat and cut a hole in the top for the flame. This will allow heat to radiate down and melt the edge wax. However, this can be dangerous. Make sure to do this in an empty sink and do not leave the candle unattended. When removing the foil hat, remember it will be hot and may burn you!

Tip #5: If you’re having trouble getting the edges to melt down, you can always cut the edge areas off and melt them over a tea light wax burner to get the most out of the fragrance!

Our entire Bog Standard range is currently on SALE so why not pick yourself a gorgeous fragrance and breath new life into your home with their amazingly fresh scents! Bog Standard products are made in Co.Down and are so good to your skin as well as coming in super cute packaging! Check them out!


We have two great Mother’s Day Gift Packages on sale! They are full of Bog Standard Goodies with HUGE SAVINGS! You have to take a look! They’re really amazing! Remember, order before 2pm EST and we’ll ship them out the same business day!

Large Mother's Day Gift Set   Small Mother's Day Gift Set

I hope this helps to get the most out of your candles! Stay tuned for more helpful tips and let us know in the comments below what your favourite candle or candle scents are!



Sources: BogStandard Website &

An Irish Summer: Top 10 Must-Have Experiences

Summer is my favourite time to be at home in Ireland. The days are long and there’s plenty of sunshine to get out and explore! Here is a list of my top 10 favourite things to do during an Irish summer! Although the weather can vary during the months of May, June, July & August, we usually see great long spells of sun - but here’s a TOP TIP anyway; if you really want to be there while the sun’s out, plan your trip for June. June is great for what we call ‘Leaving Cert Weather’. The Leaving Cert is kind of like the SAT’s here. They are exams that all secondary students sit before going off to college. They take place from the 1st Wednesday until the end of June. In the grand tradition of Murphy’s law, when students have to study, sit inside and do exams - the weather is always spectacular. Haha! So that’ll probably be your best bet for finding the perfect weather for all of your Summer activities!

#1 Take a Walk or Cycle on the Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is a route that takes you from the very tip of North Donegal to Kinsale in South Cork. Almost the entire length of the route (which is over 1500 miles)  is coastal. Choose a section of the route (or challenge yourself and take it all), use it to see stunning beaches cliffs and cute wee coastal towns! The sunshine will be great for taking in the views and of course, you can always take a dip in the sea when the sun gets too hot!

#2 Enjoy some Irish Music & Dance at the Fleadh Cheoil

The All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil takes place in Ennis, Co.Clare from the 13th-21st of August. It is a huge Irish Music competition! Musicians from all over the country compete to be the festival champion. The festival is full of Irish culture, music & merriment. Last year, over 400,000 people attended the Fleadh! You’ll love the dancing, music, food, drinks, laughs and more! It really is a must see!

#3 Climb Croagh Patrick

On the last Sunday of July (which will be July 30th this year) thousands of pilgrims flock to Mayo to climb Croagh Patrick (pronounced ‘Crow Patrick’)! This day is also referred to as ‘Reek Sunday’ as the mountain is often called the Reek by locals. The patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick himself is said to have fasted for 40 days and 40 nights on top of the mountain! Now, visitors can attend mass in the church on top of the mountain on that day! However, you can always pick a different day to climb if you’d prefer the area to be a little quieter. Climbing the mountain is very difficult as it is very steep and covered in loose rocks & stones, however the payoff is well worth it. Provided the weather is clear, visitors can enjoy views out over Clew Bay and its 365 islands - one for every day of the week!

#4 Jump Off Blackrock Pier in Galway

Located in Salthill, Galway, Blackrock pier is a favourite for many in the west of Ireland. The area is great for swimming and features high diving boards or steps into the water. There are lifeguards on duty  during the summer months and many people flock to the area for the chance to take the plunge! But make sure you take note of warning signs and lifeguards - the tide must be in for diving so please don’t jump unless the tide requirements are met! However, if you catch the right day, you can happily stay there all day swimming, diving and simply enjoying the sun.

#5 Take a Stroll in Phoenix Park, Dublin

Phoenix Park is Europe’s largest enclosed park! It really is worth a long walk. There is plenty of wildlife to see such as wild deer, foxes, hedgehogs, rabbits and more! Take a picnic along and enjoy the sun! If you have no luck with the wild animals, head over to Dublin Zoo which is located in the park! The zoo is great fun and all the animals are well looked after by their loving keepers.  See the lions, tigers, zebras, elephants, giraffes, wolves, penguins and more!


#6 Take in The Cliffs of Moher

What kind of list would this be if I didn’t mention the Cliffs of Moher?! The cliffs are stunning all year round but on a clear day in Summer, nothing can beat that awesome view. The breathtaking view stretches as far out into the Atlantic as imaginable and visitors can also peer down at the the splashing waves and rocks over 700ft below! The cliffs stretch for about 5 miles along the coast and are easily one of Ireland’s best known landmarks! Visitors can also enjoy the museum built into the hillside on top of the cliffs as well as a cup of tea with a view! I can’t recommend it highly enough!

#7 Match Day at Croke Park

Croke Park is probably the most famous stadium in Ireland. Every year in August and September, Croke Park hosts the quarters, semis and finals of the All-Ireland Gaelic Football and Hurling Finals! This is definitely my favourite time of the year. I literally cannot describe the atmosphere in the stadium! Over 82,000 fans screaming their lungs out and all the shared highs and lows of the game! As a Mayo woman, the All-Ireland Gaelic Football Final is always a tense time in the county, full of excitement and worry. It’s an incredible experience to have so I highly recommend finding some tickets and heading to one of the games!

#8 Enjoy a Music Festival

Ireland hosts some of the greatest music festivals in the world! Our most popular Music festival is ‘Electric Picnic’. In previous years, performers included ‘Florence & The Machine’, ‘Duran Duran’, ‘Blondie’, ‘Blur’, ‘Sam Smith’, ‘Outkast’ and many, many more! The festival takes place over a weekend and visitors can camp, enjoy great food as well as other stages that include comedy etc. It’s a huge event. But fear not, if that music isn’t your thing, we’ve a festival for that. ‘Longitude’ covers hip hop. ‘Indiependence’ covers indie music, ‘Body & Soul’ is a soul & arts festival. ‘Life Festival’ covers techno music and ‘Rockathon’ covers rock music! Of course, there’s always ‘Sea Sessions’ that has a bit of everything as well as being located on a beach so you can enjoy your music and surfing!  There’s really a lot to take in so put on your wellies, grab a tent and get dancing!


#9  The Redbull Soap Box Races

This is guaranteed to be a lot of fun! People spend all year creating the most outrageous soapbox cars to race down St.Patrick’s Hill in Cork. Huge crowds gather to watch them whiz by and it’s a lot of fun! Laughs guaranteed! Visitors can expect to enjoy great food, a great atmosphere and a great show! Definitely worth a visit!


#10 A Pint in Templebar

Sure, I couldn’t finish this list without mentioning Templebar. During the summer months, Templebar is hopping with fantastic live Irish music and events. There’s nothing better than enjoying an ice cold pint in Dublin City Centre on a hot day! Highly recommend! This experience will stick with you, even if it’s just the one. Hearing the laughs, feeling the sun, listening to music, a great Irish pint of Guinness - it really is the best feeling!

I hope this has inspired you for your trip to Ireland. Most of these events are annual so fear not, they’ll be here the summer you decide to visit! Let us know in the comments below what your favourite thing to do in summer is? What would you like to do best?


A Celtic Wedding: Traditions & Gift Ideas

Thinking of tying the Celtic knot soon? Well let me tell you - there are so many cute Celtic Wedding Traditions that you can incorporate into your big day! That extra wee bit of Irish charm is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as well as giving your marriage an extra bit of Irish luck! Read on to learn more!

The Rings

Claddagh Rings are very traditional in Irish weddings. The Claddagh symbol stands for love, loyalty and friendship! These are essential ingredients in any relationship! The Claddagh Ring is said to bring good luck for the happy couple and their lives ahead. Mo Anam Cara is the Irish for ‘My Soulmate’. These rings are so beautiful and are full of Irish charm! They are made in Ireland and hallmarked in Dublin Castle! What could be more romantic?


The Wedding Coin/Token

There are many traditions around the Celtic Wedding Coin or Wedding Token. It is said that the groom gives this coin to the bride to show that he will provide for her, protect her & look after her. Other traditions say that the bride’s family give her this coin and place it in her shoe on the big day as a way of giving her their blessing and wishing her luck and love in her future marriage!



There are so many cute ways to incorporate your love of all things Irish into your big day! One of my favourites are these stunning Irish Made Tiaras! Featuring Irish symbols like the Trinity knot & lovely wee shamrocks, these tiaras are perfect for the Irish bride. These tiaras are crafted using Sterling Silver or Gold plating and are decorated using crystals.

The Toast

It is tradition in Ireland for the best man and maid of honour to give a toast at the wedding reception. This is usually a pretty funny toast regaling old stories of the couple. The toast is then concluded with an old Irish blessing or poem wishing the happy couple all the best for the future. (I will include an example at the end of this blog so stay tuned)! The bride and groom will then toast to the wedding party and everyone has a drink! Our beautiful Celtic Wedding flutes are perfect for this toast - Decorated with the Claddagh symbol and Celtic designs, what could be more perfect for an Irish Wedding?


Wedding Gifts

It can often be difficult to pick the right gift for a pair of newlyweds but I’m here to help! My favourite gift this year is the Ogham Wishes Wedding Photo Frame! This features the ancient Celtic writing called Ogham! The Ogham reads ‘Love’ & ‘Happiness’ with a space in the middle for your wedding photo! This frame is so beautiful and ideal for remembering an Irish wedding!


You could also get the happy couple one of our lovely Claddagh Candle Holders! This candle holder is made in Co.Westmeath, Ireland and features the Claddagh symbol! Perfect the big day itself!


I hope this has given you a wee glimpse of what goes into an Irish wedding! Check out our website for more ideas! Here’s an Irish Wedding Toast to close! Slainte!

May you be poor in misfortune,

Rich in blessings,

Slow to make enemies,

Quick to make friends,

But rich or poor, quick or slow,

May you know nothing but

Happiness from this day forward!



Biddy Murphy
A Little About Us is a global online retailer for beautifully handcrafted Celtic gifts. We work with a variety of Irish artisans to source meaningful jewelry, clothing, and home goods that make special Irish gifts for all occasions. Some of our best sellers include Celtic Crosses, Trinity Knot necklaces, Guinness merchandise, blessings for the home, and gorgeous Irish caps, sweaters, scarves and blankets. Shop those hard to find Confirmation, First Communion, and Holiday gifts!

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