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St. Paddy's Day Prep. - It's Time to Get Ready!

That’s right - Valentine’s Day is barely out from under us and we’re starting straight into Paddy’s Day! Well, what can we say? We’re Irish! It really is the greatest day of the year! So much craic and laughs to be had! We want you to be super prepared for Patrick’s Day 2017. So here I am! At your service! (What is this, a bond film?)

Well let’s start with the basics. You’re going to want to be warm! If Paddy’s Day here is anything like Paddy’s Day at home, you’d do well to bring a rain jacket & umbrella with you too! But in terms of warmth, we have you covered! Why not try one of our beautiful 100% Wool Aran Knit Sweaters. Made in Ireland from the highest quality wool, these jumpers are both soft and durable! Available in a range of sizes and colours but most importantly, available in GREEN! You could also try one of our stunning capes! This one is made in Co.Kerry using 85% Lambswool & 15% Nylon making it both lightweight and warm. Ideal for keeping warm while watching the parade! It is also available in a range of colours but let’s face it - the only colour that really matters on Paddy’s Day is green!


Sticking with the theme of warmth, you can also wrap up in a number of our great scarves. Our scarves are crafted from the finest materials including Merino Wool, Lambswool, Cashmere, Mohair, silk and more! You can check out our selection here - but for Paddy’s Day, here are a few of my favourites. Warm, durable and green!


Incase you need something that will really keep your insides warm, we’ve got you covered there too! Why not take a look at our lovely selection of flasks?! Available in a beautiful selection of sizes and designs, you’ll find one perfect for you! They are made in Ireland from stainless steel and pewter! Take a look! We also have the famous and beautiful blackthorn walking sticks to keep you upright on the day! Haha!

Finally, it’s always great to show your Irish Pride on Paddy’s Day. Why not show yours off with a beautiful piece of Irish Jewelry? Our jewelry is made in Ireland before being stamped in Dublin Castle and brought over here to us! What could be more Irish? Find yourself a beautiful pendant, ring, bracelet, brooch or pair of earrings! Here are a few of my favourites!


We wish you the very best for your Paddy’s Day preparations! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions! We are always delighted to help!

Lá fhéile Pádraig! 

Irish Phrases You Can Use on Valentine's Day! (As Gaelige!)

There is only one week left before Valentine’s Day (I literally can’t believe it! Time is flying altogether)! I want to make sure you’re prepared. There are three words that everyone wants to hear this February 14th but that seems a bit easy doesn’t it? For that special someone who loves all things Irish, let me teach you how to say all of the important things as Gaelige (in Irish)!

Is tú mo stóirín - (Is thoo muh store-een) - You are my little sweetheart! Anything with ‘ín’ at the end in Irish means ‘little’. My mother still calls me Girlín to this day. I’m her wee girl - or of course, the classic Loveen - an anglicisation of little love. Perhaps one of our 100% Wool Irish-Made Blankets could be the perfect gift for your stóirín! Wrap up together and watch a movie this Valentine's and for many more ahead! So durable, soft and warm!


Is tú mo anam cara - (Is thoo muh anim cara) - You are my soulmate! We have a beautiful collection of Mo Anam Cara jewelry perfect for your soulmate! Each piece is crafted in Ireland and stamped in Dublin Castle. Could there be anything more romantic?


Táim i ngrá leat - (Thom ee nraw lath) - I’m in love with you! Powerful words don’t you think? ‘Grá’ is the Irish for ‘love’. Why not say these beautiful words and present her with these stunning Irish rings, crafted and stamped in Dublin Castle! Remember that the Claddagh symbol stands for Love, Loyalty and Friendship - 3 key ingredients in a great relationship!

As we say in Ireland Níl aon leigheas ar an ngrá ach pósadh - There’s no cure for love but marriage! If you’re thinking of tying the knot in the future, we have the rings for you! Made from the finest materials in Ireland and stamped in Dublin Castle, our rings certainly have the luck of the Irish along with stunning designs! Please call us on 269-639-8585 ! We would be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!


Tá grá agam duit - (Thaw graw ogum thitch) - I love you! Here you are! I know this is what you were looking for! If there’s ever a time to utter ‘I love you’, it’s on February 14th (& with lots of practice! Haha!)

Saint Brigid's Day & The Festival of Imbolc

Growing up in Ireland, St.Brigid’s Day was one of the best days in school! We’d spend about an hour outside, playing around in the field and picking rushes for our Brigid’s Cross (of course, the rushes would try to take the eyes out of us continuously)! We’d all head inside then to start crafting; folding rushes in half over and over again until we were left with the final product! My Mam still has these crosses displayed proudly on top of our kitchen dresser.

Saint Brigid is one of the patron saints of Ireland. She is also the patron saint of crafts, poets, healers, midwives and doctors. It is said that Brigid’s cross is a symbol of protection and healing. Although her cross can be made using rushes, we also have a range of Saint Brigid’s Crosses available!


These wall hangings are crafted in Kinsale, Co.Cork by Wild Goose. They are crafted using resin coated in bronze. They are perfect for hanging above your door or in a hallway as a symbol of protection, safety and home!


Our stunning Brigid's cross jewelry is hallmarked in Dublin Castle. They are crafted using Sterling silver or Gold - perfect for adding that Irish Charm to any outfit!

And of course, there's always the more traditional route... The Brigids Cross made of rushes! Available in two sizes by Naomh Padraig in Co. Roscommon - truly Irish and beautiful! 


Saint Brigid’s Day (February 1st) also marks the pagan festival of Imbolc -  the beginning of Spring! Brigid’s crosses would be made and people would leave their clothes, shoes and food outside for Brigid to bless. She was said to also protect and bless their livestock and crops.

Discover more crosses here!

Happy Saint Brigid's Day & Hears to a great Spring!

Biddy Murphy
A Little About Us is a global online retailer for beautifully handcrafted Celtic gifts. We work with a variety of Irish artisans to source meaningful jewelry, clothing, and home goods that make special Irish gifts for all occasions. Some of our best sellers include Celtic Crosses, Trinity Knot necklaces, Guinness merchandise, blessings for the home, and gorgeous Irish caps, sweaters, scarves and blankets. Shop those hard to find Confirmation, First Communion, and Holiday gifts!

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