County Wicklow


Popular Surnames: Kehoe, Redmond, Kavanagh, Lawlor, Furlong, Cooke, Jones

County Wicklow is located on the east coast of Ireland just south of Dublin. The county is famous for its stunning rolling hills, forests, luxury homes and gorgeous coastline. Visitors to Wicklow often visit Powerscourt Estate. The estate was originally a 13th century castle but restored after it almost burned to the ground in a 1974 fire. The estate is incredibly luxurious and visitors can take some time to wander around the beautiful gardens, have some tea and cake in the tea rooms or even stay the night. The estate is often rented out for luxurious weddings and events. The area is simply stunning and even has a beautiful waterfall located on the grounds. Rossborough House is a beautiful stately building dating back to 1741. It now houses some of Ireland’s finest art collections. It is a great place to go to see some beautiful art and also take in some Irish history. Afterwards, you can consider taking a walk or hike in the Wicklow Mountains. The Wicklow Mountains National Park is full of great trails and activities through the mountains. You can enjoy the stunning views, flora and fauna. It’s a great place to take your hiking boots and a picnic. No matter where you go in Wicklow, you’re guaranteed to be blown away by its beauty. Jewelry maker Fado and perfume maker Fragrances of Ireland are both located in mountainous Co. Wicklow!


County Wicklow

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