The Kingdom of Kerry! Ireland's Stunning Southern Coast

by Deirdre Murray
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The Kingdom of Kerry! Ireland's Stunning Southern Coast

Kerry is known around the world as ‘The Kingdom’ and that is certainly an appropriate name! The county is simply stunning! Visitors to Kerry enjoy visiting cute seaside villages such as Dingle, famous for it’s fishing, great food and fantastic atmosphere - not to mention Dingle Peninsula that projects out into the Atlantic and offers visitors truly stunning views! Visitors to Dingle can also go out on the bay and visit Dingle’s most famous resident - Fungie! Fungie the dolphin has been charming tourists for years and is always a great sight to see! The area is a really lovely place to visit and take in Irish culture.


Many people also take the time to drive or cycle portions of the Ring of Kerry; a beautiful coastal road that will take you past all of the most beautiful, beaches and cliffs as well as taking you inland towards Killarney National Park! There, you can take in stunning mountains and meadows covered in Irish heathers and full of streams and picturesque landscapes. No matter where you go in Kerry, you’re guaranteed to be blown away by its beauty!


One of our favourite brands here at is Kerry Woolen Mills! The 17th-century Kerry Woollen Mills, situated on the beautiful Ring of Kerry on Ireland's Atlantic coast, has been creating fabrics and yarn from fine wool for over 300 years! We stock a wide range of their great products from aran sweaters to blankets, socks to ruanas and so much more! Take a look here!


In recent years, Kerry has been flooded with film crews as they film the new Star Wars film! Much of the filming took place on the Skellig Islands, specifically Skellig Michael. This island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is steeped in ancient history. Back in the 6th century, the island was a monastery for Gaelic Christian monks. Many of their stone huts and walkways are preserved. The island is very jagged and other-worldly so it makes sense that it was chosen for the Star Wars shoot! Take a look at the newest trailer below, featuring shots of the Skellig Islands from the beginning!


It really is a stunning part of the country! Are your roots in Kerry? Tell us your story in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you!



Site: Kerry Woolen Mills Website

by Deirdre Murray


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