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Irish Phrases You Can Use on Valentine's Day! (As Gaelige!)

Deirdre Murray

There is only one week left before Valentine’s Day (I literally can’t believe it! Time is flying altogether)! I want to make sure you’re prepared. There are three words that everyone wants to hear this February 14th but that seems a bit easy doesn’t it? For that special someone who loves all things Irish, let me teach you how to say all of the important things as Gaelige (in Irish)!

Is tú mo stóirín - (Is thoo muh store-een) - You are my little sweetheart! Anything with ‘ín’ at the end in Irish means ‘little’. My mother still calls me Girlín to this day. I’m her wee girl - or of course, the classic Loveen - an anglicisation of little love. Perhaps one of our 100% Wool Irish-Made Blankets could be the perfect gift for your stóirín! Wrap up together and watch a movie this Valentine's and for many more ahead! So durable, soft and warm!


Is tú mo anam cara - (Is thoo muh anim cara) - You are my soulmate! We have a beautiful collection of Mo Anam Cara jewelry perfect for your soulmate! Each piece is crafted in Ireland and stamped in Dublin Castle. Could there be anything more romantic?


Táim i ngrá leat - (Thom ee nraw lath) - I’m in love with you! Powerful words don’t you think? ‘Grá’ is the Irish for ‘love’. Why not say these beautiful words and present her with these stunning Irish rings, crafted and stamped in Dublin Castle! Remember that the Claddagh symbol stands for Love, Loyalty and Friendship - 3 key ingredients in a great relationship!

As we say in Ireland Níl aon leigheas ar an ngrá ach pósadh - There’s no cure for love but marriage! If you’re thinking of tying the knot in the future, we have the rings for you! Made from the finest materials in Ireland and stamped in Dublin Castle, our rings certainly have the luck of the Irish along with stunning designs! Please call us on 269-639-8585 ! We would be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!


Tá grá agam duit - (Thaw graw ogum thitch) - I love you! Here you are! I know this is what you were looking for! If there’s ever a time to utter ‘I love you’, it’s on February 14th (& with lots of practice! Haha!)

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