Best Irish Gifts for 2021

by Ward Gahan
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Best Irish Gifts for 2021

Giving wonderful gifts doesn’t have to be a pain. There are some no-fail strategies for selecting the BEST IRISH GIFTS FOR 2021. This gift guide was created with that in mind, helping you select a unique gift for someone special on your list. Although our gifts are all authentic, Irish-made goods, you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy these high quality items. We’ll help you select the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates high quality, traditional, genuine gifts that also happen to support artisans from Ireland and a family owned, small business based in Michigan.

Speaking of those no-fail strategies for selecting the best Irish gifts for 2021, I wanted to offer up 4 tips to consider when you are selecting a gift:

  • Give problem solvers. If they are always cold, help them warm up. If they are worriers, help them de-stress.
  • Be practical. Lean in favor of traditional vs. flashy. It’s risky to go with something that is frivolous if you aren’t sure about their personality.
  • Give gifts they can feel good about. Perhaps you purchased it from a small, family run business who supports artisans. (We might know someone like that. Hint, hint.)
  • Always buy the best you can afford. Quality never goes out of style and when you purchase the best, it will be a memorable gift they can cherish for years to come.
  • When in doubt, give from the heart. Tell the receiver a story behind the purchase and why you picked that special item just for them.

At Biddy Murphy, we have so many options for you to choose from, that we decided to narrow it down to make your job of selecting the best Irish gift even easier. We’ve chosen our favorites from a number of our different product categories so you can select the one that speaks to you.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • The Best Traditional Irish Gifts 
  • The Best Irish Jewelry Gifts 
  • The Best Irish Clothing Gifts 
  • The Best Irish Blanket Gifts 
  • The Best Irish Home Decor Gifts 
  • The Best Irish Stocking Stuffers 


If you are looking for a traditional Irish gift that is incredibly unique, you’ve come to the right place. We work with smaller makers and artisans to bring genuine Irish gifts to the States. Our goods make excellent gifts for those who are special, regardless of the occasion. You’ll be sure to please even the most challenging people on your list!

Irish Shillelagh Blackthorn Walking Stick

Irish Shillelagh Walking Stick

Beautifully crafted from a Blackthorn tree branch, this Irish Shillelagh Blackthorn Walking Stick is a unique piece of Ireland. We’ve heard from purchasers that they believe this authentic Shillelagh is a symbol of distinction. Because it’s made by Mother Nature and polished by our maker-partner in Co. Roscommon, Ireland, no two sticks are the same so you’ll be purchasing an Irish original!  SHOP NOW


Patchwork Cap

Patchwork Cap Gifts from Ireland traditional irish gifts


The Irish are known for being scrappy and this cap is proof, seeing that it makes use of various pieces of fabric that are combined together for a unique looking Irish flat cap. No two caps are the same so you’ll be getting a true one-of-a-kind, original! SHOP NOW


Irish Wool Ruana Wrap

Irish Wool Ruana Wrap Traditional Irish Gifts

Made at one of the oldest remaining traditional woollen mills in Co. Kerry, Ireland, this Wool Ruana Wrap makes an excellent gift for that special someone who always seems to be a bit chilly. The Celtic shawl wrap is made with natural lambswool combined with nylon to make this ruana breathable and lightweight. Comes in several color choices. SHOP NOW


Irish jewelry is sought after and known worldwide for its symbolism. The selection that we’ve recommended as the Best Irish Jewelry Gifts are certainly among our most popular styles of Irish jewelry gifts for both men and women. When you purchase fine Irish jewelry from Biddy Murphy  you can rest assured that it has been hallmarked at Dublin Castle, verifying the authenticity and purity of metal used in crafting these unique Irish gifts.

Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring Best Irish Jewelry Gifts

Our #1 best selling Claddagh ring is beautifully crafted with a combination of sterling silver and 10K gold, so it pairs nicely with other jewelry and a variety of outfits. The meaning behind this ring tells a story of friendship (hands), love (heart), and loyalty (crown) that is recognized throughout the world as a genuine Irish gift. We offer a similar all-silver version for men. SHOP NOW

Trinity Knot Necklace

Trinity Knot Necklace Best Irish Jewelry Gifts

Our #1 best selling necklace is our traditional Irish Trinity Knot necklace that is crafted in sterling silver and features an intricate knot pattern. The Trinity Knot symbolizes a never-ending love because there is no beginning or end to this pattern. This is definitely a genuine Irish gift that has been hallmarked at Dublin Castle. SHOP NOW

Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross Best Irish Jewelry Gifts

The Celtic Cross symbolizes knowledge, strengths and compassion. This sterling silver Celtic Cross pendant and chain is an ideal gift for someone who embodies those traits or is unwavering in their faith. Available in 20” and 24” chain lengths. SHOP NOW


If you are looking to buy the Best Irish Clothing Gifts, you have to consider the iconic Irish woollens. They are timeless in their style and made of high quality materials that will last for generations. 

Fisherman’s Knit Sweater
Irish Fisherman Knit Sweater Best Irish Clothing Gifts

It doesn’t get any more iconic than an authentic Irish Fisherman Sweater. Knitted from 100% Merino Wool in the classic Aran pattern, the minute you put your hands on this sweater, you will feel the difference and know why it’s among our Best Irish Clothing Gifts. Others have tried to create knock-offs, but you will only experience the true quality of the Fisherman Knit Sweater if it’s crafted in Ireland. The difference is real! SHOP NOW

Aran Knit Cardigan Sweater

Aran Knit Cardigan Sweater Best Irish Clothing Gifts

If you are looking for the best Irish clothing gift for someone who appreciates a timeless style, this Irish Aran Knit Cardigan Sweater is what you want! Crafted using the iconic Aran knit stitch, this cardigan can go with either office or casual attire without missing a beat. SHOP NOW

Cashmere & Merino Wool Scarf

Cashmere Merino Wool Scarf Best Irish Clothing Gifts

When they see that it’s made with cashmere, your special someone will know you bought them the best Irish scarf! Woven into the classic herringbone pattern, this ultra soft scarf will always be like a nice hug around the neck. Ideal for men or women.  SHOP NOW



 Our selection of blankets and throws are truly the Best Irish Blanket Gifts. Not only does an authentic Irish wool blanket look beautiful now, because of the quality and craftsmanship, these are definitely gifts that are destined to become family heirlooms.

Irish Wool Throw Blanket 

Irish Wool Throw Blanket

Made with 100% new Irish wool, our throw blankets make excellent gifts. Meticulously crafted using traditional techniques that have been handed down for generations, they are durable and cozy. And they are always the right size! Several colors and size options are available. SHOP NOW

Undyed Natural Wool Throw Blanket

Undyed Natural Irish Wool Throw Blanket

Pure, like the untouched snow, this 100% natural Lambswool Throw Blanket is one of the few that are made from undyed Irish wool. This is the perfect gift for that natural beauty or that person who is passionate about sustainable living. SHOP NOW

Cashmere & Merino Wool Irish Knit Baby Blanket

Cashmere Merino Wool Irish Knit Baby Blanket

Rather than compete with all of the other toys, why not get that little someone special a unique gift that is destined to become an heirloom? Our Cashmere & Merino Wool Knit Baby Blanket is crafted exclusively for Biddy Murphy and will definitely be a stand-out gift that they will cherish for years. SHOP NOW


You don’t have to worry about the sizes and when the sentiment is there, you know your gift will be a winner! The Best Irish Home Decor Gifts are filled with sentimental meaning and bring a unique angle to your gifting this year. You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate quality goods and gifts for the home.

Slainte Sign

Slainte Sign Cheers To Your Health

Whether it’s for family or friends, the sentiment and meaning behind our Slainte Sign brings cheer to any household or office. Slainte translates to “good health” and is the ideal gift for that someone special. Handcrafted in beautiful Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland.  SHOP NOW

Claddagh Crystal Posy Vase

Claddagh Irish Crystal Posy Vase

This beautiful crystal vase features the traditional green color to accentuate the Claddagh symbol that is hand etched into the glass. The Claddagh symbolizes friendship, love and loyalty. Crafted in Co. Waterford, Ireland. SHOP NOW

Handmade Trinity Glass Ornament

Handmade Irish Crystal Trinity Ornament

Using centuries-old glass blowing techniques, our maker-partner in Co. Waterford, Ireland is carrying on the traditional artistry. This unique ornament is etched with a Trinity Knot symbol and filled with the traditional color green. This makes a wonderful gift and you might consider buying one for yourself too! SHOP NOW


We have a nice selection of the Best Irish Stocking Stuffers for you, your family and friends. These stocking stuffers are little delighters that are perfect additions to your gift list. Keep a few on hand for those unexpected gifting needs.

Connemara Marble Worry Stone

Connemara Marble Worry Stone Stocking Stuffers

Do you know someone who could use a stress reliever? Our Irish Worry Stone is made of genuine Connemara Marble. Rub the stone and let your worries disappear! Purchase a few to have on hand as last minute gifts. SHOP NOW

Pewter Claddagh Pocket Knife

Irish Claddagh Pewter Pocket Knife Stocking Stuffers

Be prepared for any gifting occasion with this multi-tasking, pewter and stainless steel pocket knife that features the iconic Irish Claddagh symbol. It has multiple useful tools including a blade, screwdriver and corkscrew, so you are ready when the task arises! SHOP NOW

Lucky Irish Connemara Marble Shamrock Keychain

Lucky Irish Connemara Marble Shamrock Keychain Stocking Stuffers

When you want to give your special friend an authentic Irish gem along with a little luck, consider our Connemara Marble Shamrock Keychain. Connemara Marble is known as Ireland’s own gemstone and since it’s carved into the shape of a Shamrock, you’ll bestow luck onto anyone who carries this keychain. SHOP NOW

Shop Authentic Irish Goods, Gifts and Experiences at Biddy Murphy. 

When you are looking for high quality, unique gifts, Biddy Murphy is your source for everything authentic Irish. Don’t forget, we alway offer FREE Shipping, FREE Exchanges and FREE Returns along with excellent customer service rooted in genuine Irish hospitality!

If you can't find what you need or you want additional help selecting that ideal gift, send us an email at

Wishing you and yours the best of the season, 

Nollaig shona duit


by Ward Gahan


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