A Celtic Wedding: Traditions & Gift Ideas

by Deirdre Murray
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A Celtic Wedding: Traditions & Gift Ideas

Thinking of tying the Celtic knot soon? Well let me tell you - there are so many cute Celtic Wedding Traditions that you can incorporate into your big day! That extra wee bit of Irish charm is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as well as giving your marriage an extra bit of Irish luck! Read on to learn more!

The Rings

Claddagh Rings are very traditional in Irish weddings. The Claddagh symbol stands for love, loyalty and friendship! These are essential ingredients in any relationship! The Claddagh Ring is said to bring good luck for the happy couple and their lives ahead. Mo Anam Cara is the Irish for ‘My Soulmate’. These rings are so beautiful and are full of Irish charm! They are made in Ireland and hallmarked in Dublin Castle! What could be more romantic?


The Wedding Coin/Token

There are many traditions around the Celtic Wedding Coin or Wedding Token. It is said that the groom gives this coin to the bride to show that he will provide for her, protect her & look after her. Other traditions say that the bride’s family give her this coin and place it in her shoe on the big day as a way of giving her their blessing and wishing her luck and love in her future marriage!



There are so many cute ways to incorporate your love of all things Irish into your big day! One of my favourites are these stunning Irish Made Tiaras! Featuring Irish symbols like the Trinity knot & lovely wee shamrocks, these tiaras are perfect for the Irish bride. These tiaras are crafted using Sterling Silver or Gold plating and are decorated using crystals.

The Toast

It is tradition in Ireland for the best man and maid of honour to give a toast at the wedding reception. This is usually a pretty funny toast regaling old stories of the couple. The toast is then concluded with an old Irish blessing or poem wishing the happy couple all the best for the future. (I will include an example at the end of this blog so stay tuned)! The bride and groom will then toast to the wedding party and everyone has a drink! Our beautiful Celtic Wedding flutes are perfect for this toast - Decorated with the Claddagh symbol and Celtic designs, what could be more perfect for an Irish Wedding?


Wedding Gifts

It can often be difficult to pick the right gift for a pair of newlyweds but I’m here to help! My favourite gift this year is the Ogham Wishes Wedding Photo Frame! This features the ancient Celtic writing called Ogham! The Ogham reads ‘Love’ & ‘Happiness’ with a space in the middle for your wedding photo! This frame is so beautiful and ideal for remembering an Irish wedding!


You could also get the happy couple one of our lovely Claddagh Candle Holders! This candle holder is made in Co.Westmeath, Ireland and features the Claddagh symbol! Perfect the big day itself!


I hope this has given you a wee glimpse of what goes into an Irish wedding! Check out our website for more ideas! Here’s an Irish Wedding Toast to close! Slainte!

May you be poor in misfortune,

Rich in blessings,

Slow to make enemies,

Quick to make friends,

But rich or poor, quick or slow,

May you know nothing but

Happiness from this day forward!



by Deirdre Murray


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