For decades, people all over the world clamored for Waterford Crystal, that is until they found out that it was no longer made in Waterford, Ireland.  Our maker-partner in Co. Waterford that crafts mouth-blown and hand-cut crystals in the area within Ireland that is legendary for its fine glassware. They were committed to keeping the centuries-old traditions of glass blowing alive in their unique products like this large Irish shamrock glassware vase. Measuring 10" tall, with a touch of green that reflects the backdrop from where it is handcrafted, along with shamrocks hand-etched onto the glass, this unique Irish glassware is a true work of art. The shamrock is the official symbol of Ireland and is said to bring good luck, making it the ideal Irish anniversary gift, wedding gift, or the perfect gift for any occasion. It is literally made with a breath of fresh air! Beautifully designed and handcrafted in Waterford City, Ireland, we are proud to bring you this large shamrock vase from our maker-partner. And when you purchase from Biddy Murphy, you can take pride in knowing you are supporting a small Irish American family business dedicated to sharing the joy of Ireland through authentic Irish goods, gifts, and experiences.

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