Customer Martin loves his wool baseball cap. He calls this tweed baseball cap for men "Stylish and sporty." We'd call this men's wool hat with ear flaps stylish, sporty and smart! It's a perfect cool weather men's hat with ear flaps.

This unique baseball cap for men is made of Irish wool, woven into a distinctive tweed that makes this tweed cap a dressy winter hat for men. The ear flap cap has the design of the traditional baseball cap, but the tweed makes it stylish.

The ear flaps, which tuck under the cap and are easily stored inside when they aren't needed, make this wool cap smart. You're prepared for all types of weather. It's like a cap with built-in ear muffs! The cozy lining keeps the ears and the back of your neck warm when the weather gets chilly or rainy.

It's an attractive wool baseball cap made by our maker-partners John Hanly & Co. in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. We're proud to offer this tweed baseball cap for our customers looking to step up their style with a cap that can be both dressy and casual.

You can't beat Irish wool tweed for warmth in the winter. It's not too heavy but it will keep you warm. And us Irish folk know a thing or two about the need for caps that keep out the elements!