Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts 2017 !

by Deirdre Murray
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Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts 2017 !

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so you better be prepared (just like Mom always is)! Picking out a gift for the most important woman in your life can be difficult, but don’t worry - we’ll give you a hand! Here’s a list of our Top 10 Favourite Mother’s Day Gifts for 2017 ! Let us know in the comments what your favourite gift idea is!

#10 Stemless Wine Glasses

There’s nothing better for an Irish Mother than a glass of red wine with her feet up! Put on a good movie while you’re at it! Our lovely Stemless Wine Glasses are perfect for the job! Engraved with Celtic symbols, your Mother will simply love their Celtic charm! These lovely Stemless Wine Glasses are made by Robert Emmet, a premier US based manufacturer of Irish Giftware! Even though they aren’t made in Ireland, we love their Irish charm (and the wine we’ll put inside! Haha!)


#9 Irish Made Celtic Silk Scarf

These stunning scarves are crafted in Co.Dublin, Ireland! They feature stunning Celtic designs inspired by the Book of Kells! Give your Ma’ a little slice of luxury with these stunning scarves - perfect for adding a pop of colour to any outfit and to show off your great Irish style!


#8 Celtic Warrior Jewelry

Our Mother’s are our strongest warriors! Why not show your Mum how much you appreciate her strength and courage by giving her an item from our Celtic Warrior collection?! Inspired by the shields of Celtic warriors, this collection symbolises strength & bravery! Crafted in Co.Dublin using the finest materials such as sterling silver, cubic zirconia and even 18K gold!


#7 Handmade Soap Co. Bath & Beauty

Nobody deserves to pamper themselves as much as your Mom! Make sure she has the very best of Irish made soaps, body lotions and candles! The Handmade Soap Company make beautifully fragrant soaps & creams that are so good to your skin! 99.7% natural with NO SLS, NO Parabens & NO Animal Cruelty - just good clean fresh soap! Ma' will only LOVE pampering herself!


#6 Irish Coffee Set

You know what’s great with a hot bath? A hot Irish Coffee afterwards! This pair of Irish Coffee Mugs are covered in Irish charm! Not to mention that they’ve been etched with the recipe to an amazing Irish Coffee! What more could Mom want? This set is also made by Robert Emmet and even though they’re not made in Ireland, they are made with the Irish love of whiskey ! Haha!


#5 Mucros Handbags

Our Mucros bags are made in Killarney, Co.Kerry and are simply FABULOUS! Crafted using 100% Wool with a nylon lining! They are so chic and come in a range of styles! There’s definitely one perfect for your Mom! The height of Irish style - whether she likes to wear her bag across her body, on her elbow or up on her shoulder - there’s one for her! Check them out!


#4 Double Heart ‘Mo Chroi’ Necklace & Matching Earrings

These stunning earrings and pendants are made in Co.Dublin from the finest sterling silver & 22ct gold vermeil and finished with a green peridot gemstone! ‘Mo Chroi’ is the Irish for ‘My Heart’ - and let’s face it, our Mothers are an essential part of our hearts  - why not show them our love! This design is available in both a pendant and a set of earrings! You choose! Or why not both?! She deserves it!

#3 Tea Time Stoneware Made in Ireland

It’s always the little things. Handing Mother the remote, to watch whatever terrible soap she’s submerged in at the moment - making a run to the shop to get her some of her favourite chocolate - or simply making her a cup of tea! These are the little gestures Mother’s love! Why not make her a pot of tea and serve it to her in our beautiful Irish made stoneware! These lovely mugs, creamers & pots are painted with scenes from around the Emerald Isle! From Dublin to Dingle! Go on - stick on the kettle!

#2 Irish Mother’s Blessing

This adorable little plaque is such a lovely & simple way of telling your Mom just how much you love her without saying a word! This plaque features a cute Irish poem and can be hung up or stood up on the easel that accompanies it! Ideal for all the Irish Mothers out there! This Irish plaque is crafted by Abbey Press, owned and operated by a 150-year-old Benedictine monastic community in Indiana! (PS Get $10 OFF this plaque by adding it to your cart and using promocode MOTHER10 at checkout! )

#1 100% Lambswool Cape

Finally, this is definitely my favourite Mother’s Day Gift! She’ll never suspect this! A beautiful 100% Lambswool Cape crafted in Co.Tipperary by John Hanly & Co.! This cape features stylish stripes and is so very soft & durable - perfect for keeping her warm and on trend! Check them out!


I hope this has inspired you this Mother’s Day Season! Please let us know what your favourite Mother’s Day gift idea is below! Don’t forget to give your Mom a big hug & kiss! They’re the best gifts of all!


by Deirdre Murray


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