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The Best Irish Drinks for Those Sunny Summer Days!

Posted by Kirsten Fedorowicz on

One of best parts of summer is enjoying your choice of beverage, sitting outside on your porch, on a picnic blanket, during a gathering with friends, or while floating down the river. If you’re looking to add an Irish touch to your summer, I’ve put together a list of some great Irish drinks to enjoy wherever you are!

Whiskey White

Add a kick to the classic summertime lemonade by mixing up a whiskey white! A whiskey white is one part whiskey and two parts white lemonade served over ice. White lemonade is a carbonated lemonade that can be hard to find stateside; if you can’t find it, I suggest replacing it with regular lemonade and/or sprite. To give this Irish drink a proper home, you should drink it from one of these Celtic whiskey Glasses! This unique Irish favorite will take you away to Ireland in the summer, everything green, blossoming, and beautiful!

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is the perfect drink for a sunny weekend of relaxing! Take a cup of your favorite kind of coffee and add a shot of Irish whiskey, such as Jameson or Tullamore Dew. Many recipes also include a tablespoon of brown sugar to add a touch of sweetness. Top with heavy whipping cream for the ideal Irish touch. These Irish Coffee Glasses are ideal for making this drink and also feature a recipe on the glass!


Do you prefer a sweeter drink to enjoy after your backyard barbeque? The best answer to your cravings is Irish cream, a sweet liquor that can be enjoyed on the rocks, mixed in with other alcohols, or, if you’re my Grandma, as an ice cream topper! A mudslide is a creamy and sweet drink that is easy to make and amazing to enjoy. A mudslide is one part absolut vodka, one part kahlua, and one and a half parts Irish cream served over ice. Top with shredded chocolate for the perfect desert. If you need to measure out these alcohols, there’s no better option than this Whiskey Measure  & Shot Glass. Decorated with beautiful Irish symbols, this drink measure is the perfect Celtic addition to your bar!

More of a beer or cider fan?

That’s okay! Guinness is always a classic, and Magnum’s Hard Cider is a great Irish Cider that has a good balance of sweetness, carbonation, and alcoholic taste. If you’re hosting a backyard gathering that needs that perfect Irish touch (even if people are drinking American beers), this Claddagh Ice Bucket is the best place to keep everyone’s drinks! Crafted from pewter, the bucket will keep everyone’s drinks cold and is resistant to tarnish and outdoor wear.

Don’t feel like alcohol today? I have a few options for you too!

Irish Black Tea

The classic black Irish tea is always a wonderful beverage choice! The perfect morning drink, there is nothing like drinking a hot cuppa first thing in the morning. My personal favorite is Barry’s tea; add a little milk and sugar, and it tastes just like Ireland. Barry’s tea can be found in your local grocery store’s international section. One of my favorite parts of ordering black tea in Ireland was that it came in a whole teapot filled with tea and a small container of creamer. This adorable Tea Set comes with a container for sugar, a teapot, and a pour pot for creamer so you can serve your tea the Irish way! Decorated with Irish scenes, including Galway and Dublin - You can vacation in Ireland for the morning before making your way to work!


Black Currant

When I didn’t feel like drinking alcohol in the pub, I would often order a pint of black currant juice. A sweet and tart juice, it’s perfect for enjoying outside on a warm day. Heavily concentrated, a couple drops of black currant can be added to a glass of water or sprite to make a tasty drink! Ribena is the brand I usually get, also found in the international section of a grocery store. If you change your mind about the alcohol, Black Currant can be added to a vodka and white lemonade (or sprite) mix to make a Vodka Black and White or a dark beer to lighten it up the stout.

I hope your summer is filled with family, friends, and community standing around outside and sipping their choice of beverage! Slainte!

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