Take A Hike! The Best Trails in Ireland & The USA

by Deirdre Murray
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Take A Hike! The Best Trails in Ireland & The USA

Summer is now well & truly on it’s way - so it’s time to get your walking boots out! If you’re going to be in Ireland this Summer, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best walks & cycles for you! But fear not - If you can’t make it to the Emerald Isle, we’ve also a selection of American trails that are Must-See’s!  So pack a lunch, put on your boots and get going!

Howth Cliff Path, Co.Dublin - Approx. 2-3 Hrs.

Howth is one of Dublin’s most beautiful coastal towns! Surrounded by cliffs and rolling green coastal hills, Howth is the ideal spot for a long walk! Hill-walkers enjoy getting out into nature while still being less than an hour from Dublin City Centre! Along the way you can see St. Mary’s Abbey which was built in the 15th Century, Balscadden House that housed W.B Yeats and if you’re lucky enough to get a clear day - you can see far down the Wicklow coast and Bailey Lighthouse which has been there since 1814! Make sure you wrap up in one of our lovely Aran Sweaters! Warm & durable - perfect for the hike!


Croagh Patrick (AKA ‘The Reek’), Co.Mayo - Approx. 3.5 Hrs.

Now this is my neck of the woods! Croagh (pronounced ‘Crow’) Patrick is one of the most famous mountains in Ireland. St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland, was said to have fasted on top of this mountain for 40 days and 40 nights back in 441AD! Hikers can still see his bed on top of the mountain. Croagh Patrick is also unusual as it has a small church at the top, over 2,500ft up! The church was built in 1905. Every year, on the last day of July, many pilgrims come to climb the mountain - it’s called ‘Reek Sunday’! A fair word of warning - Croagh Patrick can be very steep and rocky in places so it might not be for everyone. Raingear is essential as it is often very wet and rainy - not to mention severe winds at the top. Wait for a day with clear weather for the added bonus of seeing beautiful Clew Bay below! There are 365 islands in Clew Bay - one for each day of the year! Why not take a look at our beautiful Irish-Made Blackthorn Walking Sticks? Ideal for the climb!  


Benbulbin Loop, Sligo, Approx. 4 Hrs.

The Benbulbin Loop is a great walk for a Sunday! The loop takes you around King’s Mountain in Sligo. King’s Mountain is so striking and well worth a look! The area is often referred to as ‘Yeat’s Country’ as it is the resting place of WB Yeats! He is said to have spent a lot of time here. King’s Mountain is also famous in Irish mythology. It is said to be the dwelling of the Fianna Warriors in the 3rd Century. If you enjoy hillwalking, this trail is for you! Make sure to take a look at our gorgeous Wool Caps for the walk! They’ll keep your head warm against the Irish wind!


Wild Atlantic Way, West Coast of Ireland. Over 1,500 Miles! Approx, 2 Weeks Cycling

This is the big one! If you’re feeling very adventurous then the Wild Atlantic Way is for you! Mind you, it’s probably better to cycle than walk unless you have a LOT of time! Haha! The route is absolutely stunning and takes you from the very top of Donegal, the whole way down the Atlantic coast to Cork stopping along at all of the best sightseeing spots and lovely wee towns along the way! It’s a great way to see the country intimately and get to know some great people along the way! You’ll see the Cliffs of Moher, Skelligs Point, the Old Head of Kinsale and so much more! Why not pack one of our gorgeous 100% Merino Wool Travel Blankets for the journey? You can expect to lie out on it on the many green fields and beaches along the way! (PS If you're looking for more Info on the Wild Atlantic Way, we've a whole blog dedicated to it! Click here for more!)

Let’s take a trip back across the Atlantic and look at some of the best American Trails!

The Grand Canyon North Rim, Arizona, USA

Of course, there couldn’t be a list of amazing American trails without mentioning the Grand Canyon. The Rim Trails are over 200 miles long but can be broken up into much smaller sections! Be warned though, there are no easy ways in or out of the canyon so make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew! Hundreds of people are rescued from the area every year so make sure you plan your journey well and bring plenty of refillable water bottles! Having said that, there is no place like the Grand Canyon on planet Earth - the scenery and views are breathtaking and will be something to treasure forever! If you’re planning on taking on one of the Grand Canyon trails, make sure you have good hiking boots! Consider pairing them with our lovely Wool Socks that are made in Co.Donegal! They are really durable, comfortable and ideal for wearing inside a pair of hiking boots!











Zion National Park, Utah, USA

Many people match up their Grand Canyon trails with the Zion National Park in Utah. The area is so magnificently scenic & unlike anything else in the world! There are so many things to see and do! The National Park has a range of hikes from those that are paved and can be navigated by wheelchair to those that are very difficult, uneven and require a full day of hard work! Make sure you bring a packed lunch and lots of water! Why not consider taking along one of our Linen Caps for keeping the heat off your head in the hotter months!


Many Glaciers Area, Montana, USA

This area is absolutely stunning and perfect for a hike or even a kayak if you’re feeling up to it!There are many great trails, active glaciers and beautiful lakes to see on your trip. You can expect to see all of this and even some bighorn sheep and bears if you’re lucky! But remember, all wildlife can be dangerous so keep your distance and don’t feed any animals! Be sure to bring your camera and maybe one of our lovely new Pure Linen Scarves for the trip ! It’ll keep the sun off your head and shoulders should you need it!


We hope this inspires you to get planning and get going! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information about a trip in Ireland. We’re always delighted to help! Oh, and be sure to COMMENT below and tell us what your favourite trails and hikes are no matter where they are on the globe! We love to hear from you!


by Deirdre Murray


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