Summer Wedding Essentials: We've Got Everyone Covered!

by Kirsten Fedorowicz
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Summer Wedding Essentials: We've Got Everyone Covered!

The sweet warmth of summer brings wedding season, and Biddy Murphy has the perfect Irish goods for a wedding, whoever you are! A wedding can be incredibly busy, from preparations for the bachelorette party (called a “hen” party in Ireland) to the ceremony to the reception. Biddy Murphy is prepared to provide you with exactly what you need so you can get to celebrating what is really important; the union between two people in love!

For the Happy Couple

Most wedding rings start to blur together, because they all look the same; a simple golden band for men and diamonds of various sizes and styles for women. Your union deserves something meaningful and unique! Claddagh rings are the traditional Irish wedding ring, featuring a symbol of two hands holding a heart with a crown, representing love, loyalty, and friendship. Biddy Murphy offers rings of similar designs for men and women, so the newlyweds can represent their connection with matching rings. Biddy Murphy also carries various styles with various prices, so you can pick rings that are your aesthetic and in your price range!


Another meaningful design is the Mo Anam Cara ring. Mo Anam Cara means “my soulmate” in Irish. This ancient phrase speaks of an enduring and strong love, and is a beautiful symbol to represent your union.

For the Man Who Loves Style & Comfort

If you’re a gentleman wedding guest who struggles to get dressed up, Biddy Murphy is here to help. Summer weddings often take place outside, and you need something to shield your face from the sun yet still looks classy. This Summer Linen Cap is stylish and lightweight, perfect for keeping your wedding composure while still feeling comfortable.  


These Tweed Bow Ties are colorful and light, perfect for wearing to a summer wedding! The bowties are already tied to keep their form, so clasping them is incredibly easy and straightforward. You’ll look your best and stay comfortable in the heat with this bowtie and hat.


The Perfect Wedding Gift

Are you a guest who needs a great wedding gift for the happy couple? This art piece from Ogham Wishes is a wonderful gift that will grace their halls for years to come! Featuring a space for their wedding photo, the painting on one side reads ‘love’ while the other reads ‘happiness’, both in the ancient Irish language of Ogham.

What’s a better wedding gift than a cozy wool blanket? This blanket is perfect for two, and has a beautiful herringbone design. The blanket will last for years for their “happy-ever-after!”


For the Maid of Honor

There’s no perfume better for a summer wedding than Inis Scent of the Sea! Inis captures the scent of the wild Atlantic, and is subtle enough as to not overwhelm any of the other scents of the wedding or the other members of the wedding party. This convenient roll-on bottle is perfect for putting in your purse and applying when needed, even if you’re in a hurry.

Maybe it’s after the wedding and you’re the bride and want to give a gift of appreciation to your best friend, who has been there for you through this whole process. Or maybe you’re the maid of honor yourself and need to treat yourself to a bit of relaxation after the busy occasion! This Hand Cream from the Handmade Soap Co. is the perfect way to keep those hard working hands soft. Make sure you treat yourself to a long bubble bath when it’s all over!

Wishing the best for all the happy couples getting married this summer and their joyful guests! Enjoy your special day and all the special days after that!

by Kirsten Fedorowicz


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