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Irish Scarves & My Favourite Ways to Wear Them!

Posted by Deirdre Murray on

There are so many creative ways to wear your favourite scarves and I’m here to show you some of my favourites! You can use the above chart as a reference for some of the designs to come! (Oh, and by the way - see a scarf you like? Click on the image! It’ll take you straight to the product page!)

Well, not to state the obvious, but the first style is by far the most simple (Haha!) but also a definite classic! Simply through the scarf over your shoulders and call it a day! This style is called ‘The Drape’. Here are a few of my favourite Irish made scarves demonstrating ‘The Drape’! (Left: 100% Lambswool Irish Scarf! Was $39.95 NOW $24.95!! Right: Cashmere & Merino Wool Scarf! Was $54.95 NOW $29.95!!) 

100% Lambswool Irish Scarf - Was $39.95   NOW $24.95   Cashmere & Merino Wool Scarf! Was $54.95 NOW $29.95

Keeping it simple, we’ll move on to the next style! We all know how to wrap a scarf around our necks - this is called ‘The Parisian’. You can see it below in some of our beautiful Irish scarfs! These scarves are crafted in Ireland from the finest wools! (Left: Long Lambswool Blend Scarf $47.95! Right: Cashmere & Merino Wool Scarf! Was $54.95 NOW $29.95!)

 Long Lambswool Blend Scarf! Made in Ireland!    Cashmere & Merino Wool Scarf! Was $54.95   NOW $29.95

Another classic involves folding your scarf in half, creating a loop and then simply pulling the end through. This is called the ‘Pull Through’! You can see these below in our new luxury pure linen scarves! They are over 8ft long - perfect for many of the styles to come!! (Left to Right: NEW Luxury Pure Linen Irish-Made Scarves $74.95)

Pure Linen Irish Made Scarf $74.95 Pure Linen Irish Made Scarf $74.95 

Now we’ll move onto some of the lesser known ways of tying your scarf!This one is called ‘The Pretzel’! Simply create a loop around your neck (basically making ‘The Snowman’) but make sure the loop is long enough. The loop should be the same length as  the two ends that hang down on either side. Then simply twist the loop in half and bring on end of the scarf OVER and through the loop, and the other end goes UNDER and through the loop. Then simply tighten! Here is a diagram to help!

Now, the beauty of having a big scarf is that there are endless ways to wear them! Going to an event? Or simply feeling a chill in the air? Your scarf can now double as a wrap or stole! Our Irish Made Shawls are perfect for this as they are long and wide! Made from 100% Merino wool and available in a range of colours, these shawls are both warm and durable! This style is sometimes referred to as ‘The Blanket’! (Left to Right: 100% Merino Wool Irish Shawl/Scarf! Was $84.95 NOW $54.95!!)


Similar to ‘The Blanket is ‘The Poncho’. This look consists of loosely draping the scarf around your shoulders and arms! This is a look I often go for when it’s hot outside but I’d like to cover my shoulders and arms from the heat! Or when I’m at an event in the cold, and I’d like to keep my arms and shoulders warm while showing off my outfit! This beautiful Lambswool Blend scarf is ideal for this look! It’s warm, soft and durable! (Left to Right: Long Lambswool Blend Scarf $47.95!)


When tying a neck scarf, there are a few different ways to do it! One of the simplest ways is to fold the scarf diagonally creating a triangle and tying the two ends behind your neck! You can see this below with our Irish Silk Book of Kells Scarf. Alternatively, you could fold the scarf in half and then over itself continuously until it becomes a long strip. Then wrap the scarf around your neck twice and then tie into a knot on the side and fluff out the ends as shown below! This style also works with this lovely scarf! (Book of Kells Silk Scarf Was $59.95 NOW $49.95!)

Finally, if you want to make your life a lot easier, simply look at one of our Snoods! These beautiful snoods are warm and durable! They will keep your neck warm and are very stylish! (Left: Irish-Made Snood $39.95! Right: Infinity Snood $41.89!) 


These are just a few of my favourite scarf styles and ways in which to wear them! I hope this has given you some new ideas! Please leave your comments below and let us know what your favourite is ! Oh, and here's a bonus video with 10 Ways to style your scarves! Enjoy!) 



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