This Ogham art makes a great gift for a close friend! Do you have someone in your life who has been with you through thick and thin, who you’ve laughed and cried with? This Ogham writing is a great way to celebrate that love! This painting is the word “friendship,” or “cairdeas” in Irish, written in the ancient written language of Ogham. Ogham was present in Ireland in the middle ages and is found carved into rocks around the country. This ancient language has endured through the ages, just like your friendship! The design was hand-painted on handmade paper and placed inside a stylish black frame, which measures approximately 6 ¼” wide x 11” long. Stylish and charming, this piece of Ogham art will match any home decor. A wonderful gift for a great friend! Made by our maker-partner in Co. Roscommon and they embraces the ancient Irish spirit to make stunning and unique pieces of Ogham Art. Give this piece of Ogham art as a meaningful gift to a great friend!

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