This faith, hope and love wall art is a beautiful gift to celebrate a wedding or anniversary. The art is written in Ogham, a medieval alphabet for writing early Gaelic. Ogham is still visible carved into stones around Ireland. At the bottom of the Irish blessing the Gaelic word is written in the Latin alphabet and translated to English. This art piece reads faith, hope, and love. The words are hand painted on handmade paper and then place in a 10” x 10” black wooden frame. This Irish blessing wall hanging makes the perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary, especially for a relationship that is as durable as Ogham, visible on rocks after hundreds of years. Made by Ogham Wishes in Kinsale, Co. Roscommon, this Ogham wall hanging is authentically Irish. Every piece from Ogham Wishes is created by hand, from the frame to the paper to the calligraphy itself; you'll be proud to own such a uniquely beautiful piece of art! This faith, hope and love wall art makes the perfect anniversary gift to represent a wonderful and happy relationship!

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