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Choosing The Perfect Authentic Irish Hat!

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What is the Irish Flat Cap?

The Irish Flat Cap is a term that covers a wide variety of styles and fabrics. The design of these caps are universally flattering. The Flat Cap can be spotted on the young and trendy or older and classic. 

The Irish Flat Cap pairs nicely with nearly all outfits, from dressy suits to casual jeans and a tee shirt. It’s much less stiff than other hats like a fedora but it definitely has more structure than a beret. 

The design of the Flat Cap is typically cut deeper in the back and then has a short brim in the front, to provide a little cover for your eyes. It’s intended to fit comfortably atop your head. 

Needless to say, when you purchase an Irish Flat Cap, you’ll get your money’s worth because it’s an incredibly versatile and useful accessory.

How do you choose the right flat cap for you?

We’ve got some tips:

The first thing you need to do is measure twice so you order once! Fine Irish Flat Caps are fitted, so you’ll want to grab a measuring tape and measure your head just above your ears and eyebrows. Use this measurement to find the right size for your head.

The next step is to identify your style preference. Do you like a slimmer fitting cap that contours to the shape of your head or do you prefer a roomier, full fitting cap? It’s purely a matter of personal preference.

When you start to look into Irish Flat Caps, you’ll see that there is a price variation between what may, on the surface, look like really similar caps. That may be confusing so I thought I’d point out some of the distinctions that you’ll see among our varied cap selection. 

Just like you may know the differences between Chevy, GMC and Cadillac or Scion, Toyota and Lexus, Biddy Murphy offers caps in a variety of price ranges and finishes too

Unlike other hatters ( the formal term for purveyors of men’s hats), every cap we carry is authentic Irish and made with Irish materials. You won’t find anything from China here! And trust me, there is a real difference.

Ultimate Caps

Our ULTIMATE caps are premium caps, with fine details that make them stand out. These caps may be a little higher in price but feature a thicker, dense, tightly woven tweed that is crafted by Kerry Woolen Mills. It is a high quality tweed that is substantial to the touch. If you’ve had another cap, you will feel the difference.

These premium caps also feature a thicker, woven insulation that will keep your head comfortable in the coldest of conditions

You’ll see the craftsmanship difference in the way these caps are double-stitched throughout, ensuring that the thicker tweed will remain securely sewn and have a neat finish.

Super Great

Our mid-priced caps are SUPER GREAT and still better than most caps on the market. They are high quality, authentic Irish caps which feature a thicker, medium dense tweed and a lightly insulated interior that will keep your head comfortable year round.


Our lowest priced caps are GREAT every day options. They are made of a slightly thinner gauge Irish tweed but still feature a classic style that has become the trademark of these famous Irish caps. 

These great caps are an ideal starter cap for those who want to try out the style without making a costly investment. 

For the Ladies

Although Irish Flat Caps look fantastic on both men and women, we do also offer three styles of hats designed specifically for the ladies.

make a fashion statement

Take comfort knowing that a good hat will not only keep your head from being exposed to the elements, they can be used to step up your style and make a fashion statement too. 

Our maker-partners in Ireland have designed fashion alongside function, so whichever hat you decide is right for you, we know you’ll get compliments!

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