Celtic and Irish Necklaces

An Irish necklace is an authentic piece of heritage you’ll keep close to your heart every day! Made from quality materials by skilled Irish jewelers, all gold and silver jewelry is hallmark stamped at the Assay Office in Dublin, Ireland - a guarantee that you’re getting an authentic, well-made Celtic necklace. 

All of Biddy Murphy’s Ireland necklaces feature a one-of-a-kind take on classic Celtic designs like the shamrock, the Claddagh and the Celtic cross. With styles ranging from modern to traditional, simple Irish pendants to glamorous necklaces, everyone will find something to suit their taste. Give the gift of Ireland to a loved one - or yourself! - with one of Biddy Murphy’s stunning Irish necklaces! 

Celtic and Irish Necklaces

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Celtic Cross Necklace with Trinity Symbol Crafted in Ireland

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$ 107.00
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Celtic Cross Necklace for Men Sterling Silver - Hefty design with longer...

from $ 167.99

Small Celtic Cross Communion Cross Necklace Confirmation Cross Necklace ...

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$ 120.00
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Small Celtic Cross - Exclusive Necklace - 7/8" x 3/8" on either 18", 20"...

from $ 89.00

Celtic Cross Necklace Silver & Gold Plated -⅞” tall x ⅝” wide - Made in ...

$ 27.00
$ 47.00
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Silver Celtic Cross Necklace - Double-Sided - Irish Stone Cross Replica ...

from $ 177.00