Will You Marry Me? The Irish Tradition of Bachelor’s Day

by Ward Gahan
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Will You Marry Me? The Irish Tradition of Bachelor’s Day


Will You Marry Me? The Irish Tradition of Bachelor’s Day

 It’s that year! Yes, that crazy year where we’ve got twenty-nine days in February instead of twenty-eight. But it’s also that year where we may see a few more marriage proposals, because single ladies no longer need to wait for their slow-to-propose men to get down on one knee. The Leap Year proposal is an Irish tradition, referred to as Bachelor’s Day, where women were encouraged to initiate dances and propose marriage on February 29th.

The story allegedly originates from a deal that St. Bridget struck with St. Patrick. It’s lore has passed the test of time and has even been made into a movie plot in 2010. (Anyone recall that Irish-American rom-com Leap Year?)

Ladies, if you are taking matters into your own hands, or onto one knee, consider being prepared with a ring to cement the grand gesture. High profile men like Ed Sheeran and Skylar Astin have both commented about wearing an engagement ring. Consider a Claddagh, which is a traditional Irish symbol known to represent friendship, love and loyalty. We’ve got both traditional Claddagh rings or bands which feature the Claddagh symbol and because they come from Biddy Murphy, you know they are authentic rings, made in Ireland.

If you do get engaged on Leap Day, tell us how you proposed. We’d love for you to share a picture with us on Facebook, Instagram or even via email at Invite us to the wedding. You know we’ll bring a nice gift!
by Ward Gahan


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