Ward's Picks of Ireland's Beautiful Beaches

by Ward Gahan
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Ward's Picks of Ireland's Beautiful Beaches
As we’ve been checking in regularly with our maker-partners in Ireland, we keep hearing about their business woes. The Emerald Isle has been shut down in order to manage the spread of COVID and it’s taking a toll on the spirits of our friends and partner’s businesses. It’s a bit depressing.

So what are some of the best cures to beat the blues? Thinking positively and getting some exercise. Although we can’t get you out of your house for some exercise, we can help you think a wee bit more positively by planting the seeds filled with dreams of Ireland’s beaches. 

There are the perennial favorites:

  • Dollymount Strand in Dublin -  Honestly, it’s in the city and has a view of the smokestacks of the Ringsend Power Plant and the new incinerator. Not necessarily my idea of a beautiful beach...
  • Salthill Beach, Co. Galway  is nice. It’s great for swimming and has a diving platform that is used all year round by the hardy types. I’ve seen them tog out, jump in to get wet and then get back out again. It’s all about keeping the streak going. Ah, the pride of a good streak!
  • Curracloe Beach, Co.Wexford is in the sunny South East. It’s not too far from Dublin and has lovely hotels overlooking the beach. It’s perfect for a great seaside stay.

But as someone who hails from Co. Tipperary and has a bit of personal experience with getting out and about around the shores of the Emerald Isle, I’d have to recommend a few of my personal favorites:

  • Inch Beach out on the Dingle Peninsula. It’s amazing that it is 5-6 miles long. You have great views out to the Dingle Bay and the mountain ranges of Kerry. Inch Beach is a part of some fond memories of the day I taught my 13 year old to drive. We went out on the beach to drive and ended up getting stuck. When the people on the beach saw what had happened, they didn’t even need to be asked. They got right behind us and pushed - “keep the wheels straight” is all you have to do. Sounds like there could be a good life lesson in there, right?
  • Tramore (Tra-mor) which means “the big strand” in Irish. Although some of the recent reviews complain about it being rocky, I’ll always have fond memories of this place. Tramore is where we went as kids. I always loved climbing through the dunes about a mile down the beach. They are known as the Rabbit Burrows. You’d have to be careful not to scare the young couples. The town itself is a bit of a tourist trap but I have great memories of roller-skating there, playing slot machines and of course, the dodgem cars. Perhaps another life lesson in the making?
  • Carraroe Beach (ceathru rua) is another beach where I went as a child. In the summer of ‘75 I spent three weeks there in the Connemara Gaeltacht. The beach is famous for the Coral. We used to collect it and make necklaces and bracelets. It was definitely more innocent times. Maybe that was the foundation of my love for Irish jewelry and craftsmanship?
  • Dogs Beach in Connemara has to get an honorable mention as it was where I proposed to my wife. ❤️   It has a spectacular horseshoe shape with more than a mile long stretch of white sandy beach. There is something about being in Ireland, with the sea, the sand and an authentic Irish-made wedding ring to seal the deal.

Whether you are planning a trip to an Irish beach or one nearer to home, might we suggest a few items? An authentic Irish lambswool throw is ideal to have a nice place to sit and watch the waves. Because the weather can be a little cooler, the ladies might consider a traditional Irish ruana wrap. Our blackthorn and hazel walking stick is perfect to keep you steady as you stroll. And because you never know when the rain will come across the water, keep your head protected with an authentic Irish cap for men and for women.

We know that the Motherland is on lockdown right now, but we are looking forward to getting back to normal soon, where you can travel to experience Ireland on your own. Until then, can bring a bit of Ireland to you. All of our products are sourced from maker-partners who could really use your support right now.  In this economic downturn, we are proud to say that we’ve updated our website and invested in our brand to help ensure that our small business can continue to support our maker partners as well as our customer’s desire for the best of Irish goods and gifts. 

Slán go fóill - Bye for now!

Ward Gahan

CEO - Chief Experience Officer

by Ward Gahan


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