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Title: Irish Caps for Men and Women: A Straight-Foward Guide to Flat Caps and Newsboy Caps Part 2

Ward Gahan

Newsboy Cap 

Another version of the flat cap, the newsboy, also known as the newsie or paperboy hat is quite popular with both men and women.  The newsboy cap has risen to the top as a fashion must as celebrities including David Beckham, LL Cool J, and Justin Timberlake have welcomed this headwear into their wardrobes. 

A Wee Bit of History 

The newsboy cap is named after the young working-class boys who handed out newspapers on the streets of London and Dublin in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Known for its youthful charm, the newsboy cap  inspired the very popular Broadway musical and movie, “Newsies.”  

Eventually, the upper class accepted the newsboy cap into their world and could be seen wearing them at sport shooting and hunting events. 

Construction of the Newsboy Cap

Similar to the flat cap, the newsboy features eight individual panels brought together with a button at the top, giving it a domed appearance. Typically made from tweed fabric, the newsboy cap has a higher lift off the top of the head and is rounder, puffier and a little more baggy than the flat cap. 


The newsboy cap features eight individual panels brought together with a button at the top which gives it a domed appearance. Unlike the flat cap which is - well, flat - the newsboy cap has a higher lift off the top of the head.  Take a look at this perfect example of a newsboy cap.

We recognize and appreciate that how you wear your newsboy cap is up to your unique sense of style. Please allow us to offer how to properly wear the newsboy cap. 


  • Make sure it’s the right fit and not too big for your head, floppy means sloppy!
  • Check that the sides of the newsboy cap are draped down to your ears on each side.
  • Wear the brim pretty low on your forehead, shading your eyes.
  • Embrace change and tilt the cap to the side. 
  • Wear it with your casual wardrobe.
  • Pair it with modern clothing to create an authentic and dynamic vibe.


  • As with the flat cap, please don’t wear your newsboy backwards! When you do that, you risk looking unprofessional or just plain silly. 

What is your preferred style of Irish cap? We sure hope that you learned some valuable style information from this blog series. 

Please feel free to share how you are wearing your newsboy cap on our Facebook Page. Did you learn something new from this blog? 

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