John Hanly & Co, A Biddy Murphy Partnership!

by Ward Gahan
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John Hanly & Co, A Biddy Murphy Partnership!

Hanly Woolen Mills - How Its Made from George Hooker on Vimeo.


I have been doing business with Brian Hanly of John Hanly & Co. since 2004. Since that time, we’ve formed a great partnership; John Hanly has created exclusives for Biddy Murphy, and we sell many of their products!

You will find John Hanly products in ALL of the finest gift shops throughout Ireland, including the Dublin Airport and Biddy Murphy

John Hanly & Co. goes way back, long before 2004. The company has been weaving in Ballycommon, Co. Tipperary (my home County) outside Nenagh since 1893. The company has always been family owned and operated, employing people from the local area. They are one of the few remaining traditional textile weavers and manufacturers in Ireland.  

 They are in the exact same location where they began more than 125 years ago, and continue to create premium quality caps, scarfs and blankets from their gorgeous mill close to the banks of the River Shannon near picturesque Dromineer on Lough Derg. 

I love visiting John Hanly & Co. It’s great to check out all the new patterns and colors each time. Their workshop is always noisy with the sound of wool being woven. 

The weavers at Biddy Murphy work with a variety of materials, including:

  • 100% Natural Wools and Fibers
  • Wool Blends Including Cashmere
  •  Lambswool for scarves and blankets
  • Mohair for Throws and Blankets

One of the most interesting things about John Hanly & Co. is their mission to become environmentally friendly in their workshop space! They utilize a water turbine, which produces about 30% of their electricity requirements. The rest of their electricity comes from a provider that uses hydro energy. Biddy Murphy is proud to support Irish-based partners such as who use renewable sources as part of their manufacturing. 

All of John Hanly & Co.’s tweed and wool products are made in their workshop, in Co. Tipperary.  

One of the perks of buying goods that come directly from Ireland is that they have are inspired by the beautiful Irish scenery! The vibrant colors on John Hanly’s products will remind you of the beautiful heathers and sunsets in Co. Tipperary.

John Hanly & Co.’s range of products is regarded as one of the top weavers in Ireland. You will go into any gift shop in Ireland and see John Hanly caps/scarves and blankets. Are you still thinking about the scarf, blanket or cap that you didn't buy when you were in Ireland? Not to worry, we have it here for you! 

We have some fantastic John Hanly gifts for him this holiday season. Delight your favorite Irishmen with an authentically Irish cap or scarf! 


Slán go fóill (goodbye for now)!

by Ward Gahan


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