Irish Fall Favorites to Keep You Cozy

by Kirsten Fedorowicz
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Irish Fall Favorites to Keep You Cozy

In the fall, Ireland begins to go gray. The lush green world begins to enter it’s mature years, the soft grass turning brittle and brown. Some of the deciduous trees pop with color, becoming the orange and red of a sunset over a mountain. Even when the tree become bare, many of them still have green ivy wrapping around their trunk, a reminder of springs gone and springs yet to come.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and notifies humans of the shift to wearing sweaters and jeans rather than tank tops and shorts. The temperature in Ireland doesn’t fluctuate too much (unlike my home state of Michigan, where fall can mean a thirty to forty degree drop in temperature), but the Irish are always prepared for the colder temperatures. (The lack of indoor heating have the Irish wearing their sweaters inside and out!)

Whether you live in Ireland or the US, Irish sweaters and blankets will keep you warm through the fall and into the bitter winter. Here are a few of my favorites that Biddy Murphy carries!

The Aran Sweater

When I was in Ireland, one of the things I knew I wanted to purchase was an Aran sweater. My Aran wool sweater is the warmest thing I own; on cold nights in Ireland I would sleep in it, and then sometimes kept wearing it during the day! Even on the coldest of days, my sweater would keep me feeling cozy! The sweater dried quickly when I would get it wet on those rainy days. Even now that I’m back in the US, my Aran wool sweater still has a slight smell of sheep, reminding me of the fluffy creatures that dotted the Irish hillside!

The classic design of the sweater will keep you warm and stylish. It’s perfect for wearing on a fall or winter day when you’ll be outside a lot. This Aran sweater is great for people of all genders! It’s a necessary purchase for anyone who lives somewhere where the temperature can dip below forty degrees fahrenheit!

The Irish Flat Cap

A classic any time of the year, the Irish flat cap becomes even more timely when the weather gets cold. Made from genuine Irish tweed, the hat is both warm and durable. The hats come in a variety of patterns and colors, but this one is personal favorite; the green with flecks looks just like the Irish hillside in the fall!

The cap is perfect for pairing with a sweater, vest, or button-up. It’s great for wearing for any occasion, whether you have a family gathering, a date, or are just hanging out around town!

The Irish Scarf

Part of the reason why I, personally, love fall is because it’s the start of scarf season! I love wearing scarves with long-sleeve shirts and sweaters. I think they add the perfect touch to any outfit!

That’s especially true with this stylish Irish scarf. Coming in a variety of colors, this stunning scarf will compliment any outfit! Made from merino wool, the scarf is warm and perfect for fall. You’ll never worry about a cold neck when you’re wearing this fashionable scarf.  

The Perfect Wool Blanket

Right now, I live in a big drafty house that I’m renting with some friends. I’m already emotionally preparing myself for how cold it is going to be when the Michigan December hits. One of my other roommates also went on the Ireland Study Abroad program, and the two of us often reminisce about the wool blankets in our cottages. I loved to curl up in the simple wool blanket in front of the fire and work on my homework. I certainly wish I had it with me now!

This blanket reminds me a lot of the ones that were in the cottages. They are simple and undyed, the way an Irish wool blanket would have been a hundred years ago. This blanket is perfect for curling up in on your own couch, or makes a great throw across the bed!

If you’d rather have patterned blanket, Biddy Murphy has plenty of those! You can shop all blankets here.

I hope you have a beautiful and peaceful fall!

Also, if you purchase anything, make sure to leave of a review! We love to hear from you and how you like your product!

Thanks-a-million for reading!

by Kirsten Fedorowicz


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