Father's Day Gifts Under $50! Irish charm that Dad will LOVE!

by Deirdre Murray
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Father's Day Gifts Under $50! Irish charm that Dad will LOVE!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! We’ve some absolutely lovely wee gifts that Dad will just love - plus they’re fairly light on the wallet. Quality and great value - what more could you want?

1. Patrick Francis Leather Wallet

These Celtic wallets are perfect for Dad. Crafted from 100% genuine leather, these wallets are full of Celtic character. Made by Patrick Francis in Co.Dublin, Ireland. These lovely wallets feature a Celtic Knot on the front are available in brown and black leather. Dad will love their Irish charm and quality! $49.95


2. Lime & Orange Shaving Soap and Beard Oil

The Handmade Soap Company make great quality Irish bath & beauty products! Their shaving soap and beard oil is no exception! With a uniquely fresh scent and 99.7% natural ingredients, these products will be very kind to Dad’s skin! They are crafted in Co.Meath, Ireland. $19.95 - $34.95


3. Celtic Leather Buckled Cuff

Crafted in Kinsale, Co.Cork, there’s nothing with more Celtic charm than these leather bracelets. Featuring an exquisitely Celtic embossed wide leather band and an Irish eternal knot emblem, the bracelet is an eye-catching addition to any man’s daily wear! Dad will love the design, quality and durability! $39.95


4. The Perfect Pour - Guinness Gift Pack

Does your Dad love a quality Irish pint? Then he’ll love this great Guinness Pack. It’s  full of Guinness Goodies and everything he’ll need to enjoy a great pint! Packed and ready to go, Dad will love pouring the perfect pint! $49.95

5. Celtic Socks

Every Dad loves socks! Haha! Treat your Dad to a quality pair of Celtic socks made in Ireland by Patrick Francis. These socks are really lovely and full of Celtic charm. He’ll love wearing them to work, events and much more! A little piece of Ireland will be with him always! $14.95


6. Father’s Day Plaque

Show your Da’ some love with this Father’s Day Plaque. It says it all to show your Dad how much you care. Featuring Celtic designs and a lovely blessing for Father’s, this plaque is perfect for your Father’s desk! $29.95

7. Irish Made Pewter Keychain

Dad can keep a wee token from Ireland everywhere he goes! These keychains are made in Mullingar, Co.Westmeath and are crafted using stainless steel with a pewter medallion! Available in a range of patterns! Ideal for letting Da’ show his Irish pride! $19.95


8. Tweed Men’s Accessories

For the dapper Dad, these tweed accessories are a must-have! Available in a range of colours and designs, there’s one to suit everyone! They are made in Co.Donegal, they are crafted using the highest quality tweeds! Available in a bow tie, tie clip, pocket square and cufflinks! Perfect for any suit! $39.95 - $44.95


Hopefully this will help you choose the best gift for you Da’ ! Great gifts and great prices - what’s not to love? Happy Father’s Day to all the Da’s out there!


by Deirdre Murray


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