Celebrating Easter in Ireland

by Ward Gahan
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Celebrating Easter in Ireland

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When I think about Easter in Ireland, I can’t help but think about Easter Rising, also called Easter Rebellion. Easter Rising was the start of the Irish War for Independence. It was a pivotal time in Irish history.

If I recall a typical Easter growing up in Co. Tipperary, Ireland, brings to mind celebrations. Easter is a very important day, second only to St. Patrick’s day in my motherland. Most businesses and services are shut down on both Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

As a boy, I recall Easter being similar to other Sundays. We attended mass and wore our best clothes. After church was finished, we’d gather together as a family at home, over a nice dinner on one of my Mum’s many silver sets.

Easter marks the end of Lent, so in addition to a fine feast, you’d likely see people getting back into their adult beverages. (Consider making one for yourself in our Irish Whiskey Glasses with our Connemara Marble Whiskey Stones.) We will continue to ship items from our Midwest USA warehouse so place your order by Wednesday, April 8th for Easter arrival in the contiguous states.

However you and your family celebrate, we hope it’s less of an uprising and more of a family feast, thinking about Spring as a fine new start!

Sláinte - To your health!


by Ward Gahan


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