Blankets & Throws: Wrapped up in Woolly Warmth.

by Deirdre Murray
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Blankets & Throws: Wrapped up in Woolly Warmth.

You’ve just come in from work or wherever. Stick on the kettle there.. Is there anything on telly? Put up your feet and relax yourself. Today’s been a long day. It’s time to get comfortable and zone out in front of your favourite movie. But you know what would make this so much better? No, not wine… although, yes actually, wine too - but I was thinking more along the lines of a really warm and cozy blanket! So you get the bottle, I’ll fetch the 100% Irish wool blanket!

The truth is, there’s nothing better than being wrapped up all warm in a blanket in bed or on the couch. Or even just having one thrown over your lap; they’re great! Throws and blankets also make for a great statement piece for your living room or bedroom. Thrown over the arm of a chair or at the end of a bed; the perfect finishing touch to any room. All of our blankets are made in Ireland from the highest quality wools! Here are a few of my favourites:


This multi colored Irish plaid throw! Full of colour and so soft, it would make a great addition to any room. Made from 70% Mohair and 30% Wool, this blanket is as light and warm as can be - did I mention it’s really soft?! Ideal for adding that pop of colour to any room. This throw measures 54"x72" and is crafted in Co.Tipperary.


Going somewhere? Maybe a long car ride or even simply to the park for a picnic - this tartan travel blanket is for you! Measuring 58” by 75” and made from 100% Merino Lambswool, this wool blanket is soft and so durable. It is perfect for lounging on or wrapping yourself up in, ready for the long haul! Made in Kerry, by Kerry Woollen Mills.


Crafted using 100% Merino wool, this wool throw is the perfect addition to any setting. With it’s beautiful check design, this throw is very subtle and yet, makes the room a much more homely, comfortable looking place. This wool throw measures 55 1/8” by 70 7/8” including the fringe. Crafted in Co.Mayo (aka home) by Foxford Woollen Mills who have been in production since 1892!


Available in three stunning designs, this Lambswool throw can be added to any colour scheme. Crafted using 100% Lambswool, this throw is so very soft and warm as well as incredibly durable! They measure approximately 56 x 67 inches with 3 inches of fringe on either side.The lambswool throw is made in Co. Tipperary, Ireland by John Hanly & Co. John Hanly & Co. was established in 1893.

And don’t forget we also have this ‘Woolly Wash’ detergent made by Kerry Woollen Mills with the specific job of looking after your wool goods! Fear the washing machine no more as your wool can now stay soft and durable! This is just glimpse of our large range of blankets and throws. Find many more here.

PS: Great Gift Idea: Valentines Day is coming up - Get your someone special a high quality Irish blanket or throw to wrap up in - maybe one big enough for two! Movie nights just became so much cozier!

by Deirdre Murray


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