"Sharing the Joy" - Biddy Murphy wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award

by Ward Gahan
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"Sharing the Joy" - Biddy Murphy wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award

I’m proud to announce that Biddy Murphy won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Michigan Irish American Chamber of Commerce (MIACC). I was given this award at MIACC’s annual banquet on March 19, 2019 - just before St. Patrick’s Day!  

Since 2013, MIACC has bestowed the Entrepreneur of the Year award to a business owner that has shown a high level of excellence over an extended period of time in the Irish-American community here in Michigan. The past winners have included some of the most interesting and innovative Irish-Americans working in Michigan today, and it was an honor to be given the same award as these prominent business people.

The Michigan Irish American Chamber of Commerce seeks to advance the businesses of Irish-Americans in the Great Lakes State. Through the support of businesses, MIACC and its members foster a vibrant Irish culture in their local communities. MIACC is part of the Irish Network USA which has twenty-three locations nationwide. Do a quick google search and see if there’s one near you - it’s worth getting involved in the social events, monthly meetings, and festivals that they support! 

Biddy Murphy has been an active participant of MIACC for many years. Just like us, MIACC wants to share the joy of Ireland and keep Irish traditions alive! As the rest of the year goes on, I’m excited to honor the faith MIACC has placed in me by continuing to share authentic Irish goods our friends all around North America! 

The award may have my name on it - an award for Ward, how great is that? - but the award belongs to the entire team here at Biddy Murphy. Everyone has worked hard over the years to create a company that is rooted in a love of Ireland. I’d like to thank everyone from our South Haven Warehouse to our Grand Rapids Office (and a few remote employees) for their hard work to earn this award! 

Here at Biddy Murphy, we’ve got high-quality items, but most importantly, we support a thriving Irish culture. The best way for you to celebrate our award with us is to go pick up that harp necklace you’ve been eyeing and wear it to Irish music festival. Or get a new flat cap to impress the bartenders at your local pub. If you want to pop open a Guinness, we’ll raise our glasses with ya! Slainte! 



by Ward Gahan


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