This wood cutting board is as decorative as it versatile, made from Irish wood in Ireland, both sides can be used for chopping and as a serving piece. Measuring 12” long x 8” wide x 4/5” tall, this wood chopping board is crafted with your choice of beech, walnut, or a stripe of both hardwoods.


This wood chopping board crafted with Irish wood will be one your favorite culinary tools and accessory. Measuring 15" long x 10" wide x 4/5" tall, this Irish cutting board has dual functions: a chopping board on one side and a serving piece on the other. Made exclusively for Biddy Murphy by Caulfield Country Boards from Irish wood, a Celtic Knot is engraved into the board. 


It is recommended from our supplier that this Irish cutting board is oiled several times per year. Excellent craftsmanship and design make this wood chopping board durable and beautiful.

Our supplier partner, Caulfield Country Boards handcrafts this wood chopping board from Irish timber cut-offs, making this Irish cutting board very eco-friendly. The hole in the top corner makes it easy to carry. Made exclusively for Biddy Murphy is engraved into each wood cutting board. Enjoy this for yourself or as gift to anyone who likes to cook and entertain!

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