Embrace your Irish side!

Crafted in Dublin, this cool Celtic Cross Necklace is an authentic Irish gift! Modeled after the traditional Celtic Crosses of Ireland, this pendant is simply designed for versatile wear. Crafted from stainless steel for a tarnish-resistant shine, this long-lasting pendant is ideal for everyday wear. Larger size, approximately ⅞” wide x 1 ¼” tall, is perfect for men; this necklace is sure to garner many compliments for its design and craftsmanship! 18” stainless steel rolo chain features a secure ring clasp that makes the necklace easy to put on and take off. This Celtic Cross necklace also comes in a Biddy Murphy heritage box that shows the Round Tower of Glendalough. Gift box is the perfect place to store and protect your jewelry for future use.

A symbol of faith

The oldest Celtic Crosses in Ireland were crafted thousands of years ago by medieval monks; their intricately designed crosses were a way of illustrating their devotion to their faith. This necklace may not last thousands of years, but it has the same mission. Illustrate your deep faith with this Men’s Celtic Cross Necklace.

  • MADE IN IRELAND - Crafted in Dublin.
  • CELTIC CROSS - Features iconic Celtic Cross.
  • STAINLESS STEEL - Long-lasting and tarnish-resistant.

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