My Favorite Irish Resources

Irish News

Rather then go to websites I keep Apps from these renowned publishers on my phone:

My #1 go to for the latest news and even sports live. There are lots of “tabloid” publishers in Ireland  but these are as far from that as you get: RTE NEWS Now

Get the app and watch the radio shows live from the studios. It’s fun to see various personalities and how they react behind the mic….sometimes they forget.

I listen to RTE Today with Sean O’Rourke 5-7am EST most mornings to get the latest news and international news. It is especially interesting to listen to the Irish take on American News. He’s been on the radio for 30+ years and is very good at not letting interviewees off the hook.

My other cannot miss radio show on the weekend is the Marian Finucane Show Sat/Sun 6-8am EST She’s the highest paid personality on Irish Radio ( or TV I think). She is great at here job and it’s odd to hear her get into a coughing fit sometimes -  “give up dem fags (cigarettes) Marian; dey’ll kill ya”.

There is a radio archive show that is very interesting for history buffs - Bowman: Sunday: 8:30-9am EST.

All of these available on the Rte Radio App under listen back. Documentary on One RTE has won many awards. It has its own app with an archive going back over 30 years of wonderful eclectic programs:

Irish Sports

Irish Culture

Irish Entertainment

If you want to watch TV shows from Ireland that are mostly made in and by Irish then this is your source. Some shows such as live Sports may be blocked from being viewed outside of Irealnd but most you can watch.


The Late Late Show Nationwide are my favorite to watch especially Nationwide it’s a magazine type show with interviews with people from around the country in business or entertainment -  the local characters or newsmakers as such. It will give you ideas for travelling.


Good magazine that I have subscribed to in the past:

This is where I’d go for planning a trip:

If you are looking for Premium Lodging and travel experiences then this is the site for you: Irealnd’s Blue BookYou can search by county or by activity such as fishing or equestrian.

We ran a tour one time and still get requests from customers to run another. We must have done a good job?? We used CIE Tours. The Driver makes the trip. These are the oldest and best company to use in my experience: CIE Tours

I Like Airbnb You can put in filters such as number of people or beds and then search and area on the map by selected dates. I just used it to plan a trip to Connemara area for summer.

Irish Podcasts and Apps

GAAGO -  put this on your smart TV to watch sports live directly from Ireland.

RTE Player  & Player International

RTE News Now

The Stand -  honestly my favorite. I probably listen to 95% of the episodes of which there are 3-5 weekly of 30-50 minute duration. You either Love or Hate Eamon Dunphy His voice is most impersonated by all kinds of professional and amateur impressionists ...”it’s a Good show…..but not a Great show…..”

The Irish Passport Podcast - Sponsored by Biddy Murphy...Tá fáilte Romhat ...You’re Welcome ;) and they have an amazing resource library too. This year you will hear interviews with” yours truly “ AND also with some of our key manufacturers in Ireland. Absolutely give it a listen.

Irish American

Have additional resources to share then please contact us for inclusion on this page.