JMH Jewellery

Contemporary, chic and beautiful, JMH Jewellery crafts authentic Irish accessories from Celtic Knot pendants to shamrock earrings! JMH is a family business built on tradition and a love of jewelry making. Located in South Dublin, the company now consists of the brother and sister design team, Eve Turn and Joseph Harbourne. JMH, or “Joseph Michael Harboune”, was started by the parents, Joe Harbourne and Betty Harboune, in 1973 and became a company of goldsmithing, design and producing stunning outcomes of quality and fine jewelry! The children, Eve and Joseph now carry on the tradition and love of the craft creating contemporary designs and beautiful works of art! All JMH Jewellery is tested and hallmarked at the Assay Office in Dublin Castle making for authentic Irish jewelry! You’ll find the stamp on the back of each necklace or inside of each ring. Each piece comes with a story card and show card explaining the piece or information about the company for a personal touch. Each piece is crafted with care and expertise, as they are made in house at the JMH workshop. Take a look at the JMH collection!


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