When the average number of "wet days" ranges between 150 and 225 per year in Ireland, you are inspired to create a stylish solution: The Authentic Irish Cap. It is the trademark gear of Irish men and women. We stock a wide variety of caps with at least one that will fit your personal style.

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Choosing the Right Cap For You - Great, Super Great, or Ultimate?

Although all of our flat caps are high quality, authentic Irish caps, we do offer options from different maker-partners, so you can select which one is best for you.

Our ULTIMATE caps are premium caps, with fine details that make them stand out.

These caps may be a little higher in price but feature a thicker, dense, tightly woven tweed that is crafted by Kerry Woolen Mills. It is a high quality tweed that is substantial to the touch. If you’ve had another cap, you will feel the difference.
These caps also feature a thicker, woven insulation that will keep your head comfortable in the coldest of conditions. You’ll see the craftsmanship difference in the way these caps are double-stitched throughout, ensuring that the thicker tweed will remain securely sewn and have a neat finish.

Our mid-priced caps are SUPER GREAT and still better than most caps on the market.

They are high quality, authentic Irish caps which feature a thicker, medium dense tweed and a lightly insulated interior that will keep your head comfortable year round.

Our lowest priced caps are GREAT every day options.

They are made of a slightly thinner gauge Irish tweed but still feature a classic style that has become the trademark of these famous Irish caps. These great caps are an ideal starter cap for those who want to try out the style without making a costly investment.