4th of July

by Róisín Murray
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Reflecting on my first week in Michigan, the event that stands out most for me is the 4th of July weekend. The weekend itself was quintessentially American, featuring “cookouts”, fireworks and most importantly – s’mores! The weekend got off to a great start, as on Saturday morning I received a call from a customer, who loved my name so much she is persuading her daughter to call her baby after me! Love to hear that I am creating a legacy of Roisins here in Western Michigan! To add to my great mood, on Saturday evening we had a cookout in our house, inviting friends and family from near and far to celebrate the holiday. I was praised for being one of the few from the Irish community to pronounce Michigan correctly, another bonus! The food and company was brilliant, everyone was in great form for the holiday weekend. Then, out of nowhere, this pipe shaped contraption was produced, and when I inquired as to what it was, I was told it was a “potato gun”. Now, this response led me to assume that someone was “taking the micky” (teasing me) due to the fact I was Irish. Yet, this was no joke, and it was not long before potatoes were being fired into Lake Michigan. What a waste of good potatoes! The night all in all was great craic!

Sunday was a bit tamer, and we watched the fireworks from the back garden. They were absolutely beautiful, quite a show was put on with approximately 70,000 people coming to watch them - nothing like you would see in Ireland! The rest of my evening consisted of shoving my face with as many s’mores and toasted marshmallows as I could - all part of the American experience! On Monday morning, we went and watched the South Haven Fourth of July Parade, which was full of American charm and culture. After this, we went out for Mexican food for lunch and I ordered the biggest burrito I have ever seen. I then proceeded to eat the entire thing, much to my own and everyone else’s amazement! In the evening time, we went to another cookout/birthday party where I practiced and perfected my corn hole skills. At the end of five games, my partner Patrick and I were undefeated. My weekend consisted of great craic, with great people and a lot of food! I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing this holiday and tradition and it was a great taste of the American culture! (Pun intended)

Happy (Belated) Independence Day!

Bail o dhia ort (God bless),


by Róisín Murray


Beverly Hunt
Beverly Hunt

What a lovely description of our traditional 4th of July. I wish I had been able to get down to South Haven to meet you but hopefully can do so soon. I’m a big fan of s’mores & burritos also!

Michelle Reineck
Michelle Reineck

You are “grand”. And its true you can say Michigan perfectly.

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