"A true work of art in both its craftsmanship and visual impact!"

When you place wool throw blankets on a couch it’s more than just something to grab when you’re cold; it’s a piece of authentic Irish art you’ll be looking at for years to come! This well-crafted blanket will add a touch of color to a dull couch or liven up a bedspread; but most importantly, it will keep the person cuddled up inside of it cozy and warm. This standard Irish throw measures approximately 54” x 72” with unfinished ends for a fresh-off-the-loom look. Blanket is crafted from 70% mohair and 30% lambswool for unbeatable softness that is ideal for people with sensitive skin. This lightweight throw is also temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, to keep the user comfortable in all seasons. Durable and long-lasting, you’ll being using and loving this blanket for years to come. Made by John Hanly & Co., a family-run mill that opened in 1893; in their hundred years, the skilled weavers John Hanly have perfected the art of crafting authentic, long-lasting wool throw blankets for folks all over the world. Don’t miss out on this piece of art you can use!

  • MADE IN IRELAND - Crafted by skilled weavers in John Hanly’s sustainable mill.
  • MOHAIR - Super-soft, warm, and long-lasting.
  • STANDARD THROW - Great for couches and beds. Usable art!


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