When the average number of wet days ranges between 150 and 225 per year in Ireland, you know a thing or two about creating a stylish solution that protects your head from the elements. This is a fashionable women's rain hat that is waterproof, keeping you dry and comfortable without messing up your hair. These waxed canvas hats for women are made of 100% wax cotton. It features a polyester lining to ensure that your hairstyle stays in tact. There is an elegant addition of a band and a corsage which are both made made from Irish tweed. This women's bucket hat comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Use the size graphic to find your best fit. Our maker-partner, Mucros Weavers, is well known for their passion for Irish heritage and culture. They make high quality goods that take their inspiration from the land surrounding their location in the Killarney National Forest. We are proud to support their efforts to keep the traditional Irish crafts thriving by sharing their goods with customers throughout the United States. We are proud to be real Irish people selling real Irish goods. You won't find us selling anything made in China. We know you'll enjoy your weather resistant women's bucket hat but if you aren't delighted, we'll make it right. We've made Irish hospitality a cornerstone of our small business.