Designed by the Irish, who know a thing or two about cold weather, this Irish blanket is sure to protect you against being chilly all season long! Irish people, even in the modern era, rarely turn on their in-home heating. Many homes have turf fire, and all of them have wool blankets.

This Irish blanket is in a traditional style, and is made out of 100% non-dyed wool from Irish sheep! The non-dyed wool provides a natural look that matches any home decor! The blanket is sure to keep you comfortable and warm, with or without the heat. The Irish blanket measures approximately 71" x 52," not including an additional 3" of fringe on each end.

This woven blanket is made by John Hanly & Co, located in Co. Tipperary. John Hanly & Co. was founded in 1893, and has always been a family-owned business! They make their wool products using a combination of traditional and modern weaving methods, making high quality and durable products. Buy this natural Irish blanket and stay warm all season!

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